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ActiveX is basically used to define reusable software components, these perform a particular function or a set of functions in Microsoft Windows. It was introduced in 1996 by Microsoft and is commonly used in the Windows Operating System. You will find that many of Microsoft Windows applications such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player, Visual Basic etc, use ActiveX to control and function their own built in features. Programmers can develop ActiveX controls in a variety of languages, including C,C++, Java and Visual basics. They are similar to Java applets, but they have complete access to the Windows operating System. Giving them more function ability and power, thereby more risk. Hence there is a certain registration system in Microsoft, that enables users to identify if the ActiveX is genuine and then download it. Another major difference between Java applets and ActiveX controls is that, Java can basically run in almost any given platform, whereas ActiveX can run only in the windows.

Here is a step by step guide, to install ActiveX in your Internet Explorer

1.Open Internet Explorer
2.Open Kamagra Gold the Tools menu
3.Click Internet Options
4.Click on Security
5.The Internet zone gets selected by default
6.Select one of the two below:
Use the mouse to move the slider bar up and down to change your prescription cialis online security level, otherwise click and select each security setting individually
7. And finally click on OK.

Install ActiveX in your Mozilla Firefox
Firefox does not support ActiveX controls. Hence an additional plug-in “Mozilla ActiveX Plug-in” needs to be installed, that is designed for this purpose.

To run an ActiveX control, cialis purchase your system should have certain Visual Basic support facilities installed. If it does not, the browser will download them, usually from the Microsoft website. If you have Visual Basic 5 installed, you would already have these files in your system, so the download is not necessary. If you have the security set to high, your browser will not download the control. If the security is set to medium, the browser will ask if you want to download the controls. If the security is low (which is not recommended), the browser will automatically download the control.

Keeping the security breach in mind, Microsoft has invented a signature scheme. A control designer can digitally sign the controls with the help of a signature authority that makes the signature authentic. Later on, when you visit a web page that uses this control, your browser can verify that the control was actually written by the person who signed it. This does not completely guarantee that the control is 100% safe, but at least you have some hope that you know who really wrote the control. This is most significant when someone copies a control from one website to another. The signature helps you verify who the original author was, and from where it originally came. Alternatively you can click on the download links to obtain sample applications that use the controls. You can then look over the control code, see if it is safe, and modify it for your needs.

Viruses or other such malwares can be installed bu chance from websites by using ActiveX controls. The Kak (Kagou Anti Krosoft) worm is perhaps the most notorious VBScript that uses a bug in Outlook express to exploit vulnerabilities in ActiveX and spread itself. Kak is a worm that can spread simply by reading an e-mail – and takes advantage of security vulnerability. This worm is written in Java script language. This worm uses a bug in Outlook Express to spread itself.

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