Biking Your Way to Fitness in the Great Indoors

Stationary bikes have been around for quite some time. While they have previously been seen as dated, and even solely for the elderly, exercise bikes are becoming increasingly popular with the younger generation.

While stationary bikes in the past tended to have merely one resistance level, this is no longer the case! Even standard bikes now come equipped with a series of resistance Viagra Jelly levels, generally ranging from one to twenty five, based on the user’s preference.

This allows the user to control whether they want to be on level ground, or feel like they are riding up an intense incline. Kamagra For those who love biking but may live in places where they cannot ride outside year-round, this is a wonderful, modern option.

There are two main types of stationary exercise bikes: recumbent and upright. Each has a unique set of benefits, and caters to the preferences of the individual.

Recumbent bikes offer the benefit of comfort. They position the rider in a sitting posture with the legs bend forward for pedaling.

The back is rested on upright support, and stress is taken off the low back. This is a great option for those who have previous back injuries, or those who suffer from headaches caused by poor posture.

When the back is properly supported, this allows the machine to be more ergonomic. This provides the abdominal muscles the ability to relax and support the lungs in receiving more oxygen.

The more oxygen your body is able to intake while working out, the more efficiently you are able to perform. You may find that you are less inclined towards a post-workout headache.

These machines often come equipped with conveniently placed television screens, where the rider can enjoy their favorite TV program or movie. You will be amazed at how quickly time flies when you are working out to these distractions.

With these machines, you also have the freedom to move your seat closer or further away from the handle bars. If erectile dysfunction cialis you move your seat closer, you may find that your lower abs will begin to feel a more intense burn.

One disadvantage of this recumbent option is the lack of variety options. You are restricted to one position, and you may find that your program lacks some of the intensity you desire.

While some people enjoy these supportive, recumbent bikes, others prefer the benefits of the upright position. Uprights are basically exactly what they sound like-the body is positioned upright as if you were riding outdoors.

One of the benefits of the upright is the freedom of position you will encounter. As in spinning, the rider may wish to stand up while peddling to increase the intensity of the strength training.

Another benefit is that of cost efficiency. Because there are generally fewer parts, the cost tends to go down.

They also tend to take up less room. If you are in an apartment or a small home, you may not have the space to effectively fit a recumbent bike in your space.

Most fitness experts agree that a better workout can be achieved on a standing machine, rather than a supported machine. However, the key is finding the one that works best to meet the needs of your particular body.

Once you have decided which model best suits you, you may want to do some research as to which type of workout will suit your physical needs. This is determined by what your health goals are.

If you are seeking to burn fat, you may want to explore interval training, and invest in a simple heart rate monitor. The theory behind this is that the more oxygen you intake, the more fat you will burn.

When your heart has a chance to rapidly increase its rate then decrease and relax, your body is in that beautiful zone that targets the fat cells within your body.

Be sure to start out by pacing yourself, and slowly build to a more intense workout. Using the “interval” function on your machine is a good option for an intense cardiovascular workout.

When it comes down to it, stationary machines are adapting to meet the needs of an ever progressing fitness world. If your legs are in need of a good push, check out which type of bike will best help you meet your goals!

Author Bio: Tom Selwick has worked in the health industry for years. He recommends using the right exercise bikes for becoming a healthier, happier you.

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