Consistency Versus Random Exercise

Many individuals find it hard to forget the glory days of high school or middle school, when they excelled at sports or could run for miles without getting tired. We could eat practically anything we wanted because soccer, baseball, basketball, or some other two hour practice happened every day.

Reflecting on those days and then comparing them with the present often leads people to do silly things. They try to repeat those drills they learned in their earlier days, which are meant for athletes, and definitely aren’t meant for anyone who hasn’t exercised in the last six months.

I sometimes feel a little crazy myself, and attempt a fast-paced run around a few city blocks, with a 200-yard sprint cialis buy cialis online to close it off. Then I recover for the next two weeks.

Not only is it a grossly vain thought to believe I can actually do this run, considering my lack of previous exercise, but it could also have negative health consequences. Like a heart attack.

Doing a high school athlete work out when you are a middle-aged office worker is the equivalent of dumping a goldfish from a bowl into a lake and expecting him to be just fine. According to Dr. Gabe Mirkin, when you run, each of your feet hit the ground with a force greater than twice your body weight. Is your body really ready for that?

Maybe not, but it can be, with a little preparation. Just get off your Olympic pedestal and realize that your body is at stake.

Many injuries occur within the first few weeks of starting the habit of running because people push themselves too far, remembering only what they could do ten years ago, and not what they were capable of yesterday.

And know that these kamikaze runs actually don’t benefit you that much, unless you actually have a goal of hurting yourself. Running once every two weeks will do little to help you get in shape or lose weight.

Biking and swimming are much nicer on your body, especially if you are past middle-age. But if you choose running, start with a run that nearly embarrasses you by its ease, and you will be grateful later.

There are hundreds of muscles that work together to be able to run well, many of which have lain dormant for months. This means that they are weak, and susceptible.

I drive an 87′ Toyota Camry. It is excellent for driving on roads where the speed limit is about 25 to 40 mph. But you will not see me taking it to the race track, because it would probably blow up. There are too many parts of the car that would need replacing or repairing.

Now these words may seem discouraging to those who see the scale reading higher than they would prefer, who want to start exercising. But just think how much more you will weigh when you get injured after two weeks and then have to sit on the couch for three months. Not a pretty picture.

It is inspiring to see people casting off weight they don’t need. I sincerely believe that good health is important to happiness in life, and a sense of self-worth. Maybe it sounds vain, but when nothing else goes right, it feels great to at least always be able to say you look descent.

Another word of advice to you inspirational people concerns stretching. Do not start stretching when you fall out of bed. You need your muscles to be warm first.

The first thing Levitra Professional that should happen when you feel an urge to exercise is to slowly rotate and move all of your joints. This will at least awaken all of those muscles that haven’t been used for weeks, regardless of how strong they are.

A good idea is to walk or jog a short distance until you feel your heart beating faster and then stop and stretch. Stretches need to last for about fifteen seconds Viagra Professional and should never be jerky.

The main point of everything that I am trying to say is to treat your body with common sense. It is not an indestructible thing.

Author Bio: Ronald Pedactor is a former high school athlete who received all-state honors in three different sports, and currently trains hundreds trying to improve physical fitness. His unique methods and training exercises, including the use of fitness equipment and consistent outdoor exercise, have attracted the attention of many.

Ronald Pedactor

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