Elliptical Trainers Raise Fitness Bar

Ellipticals are great exercise tools to enhance your cardiovascular health and tone your muscles all over. They also have the added benefit of being gentle on your joints and muscles while still giving you a great workout.

If you get worn out from jogging or running on a treadmill or outside or if your knees or ankles start to hurt during such activities, perhaps you should try an elliptical. This machine is a stationary exercise machine used to simulate walking or running without causing excessive pressure to the joints, thus decreasing the risk of impact injuries.

They offer light to high intensity cardio workouts based on the resistance you set as the user. They are a great tool for losing weight, staying toned and shaping muscle.

Most trainers work the upper and lower body although some models do not have moving upper body components. It is designed to give a cardio workout more than to build muscles.

They first came on the scene in the 1990s, but a more compact elliptical trainer was invented by Larry D. Miller for Precor and was patented in 2004. Miller created the idea for the machine by filming his daughter running alongside a car while watching the motion of her legs.

His idea was then to take the exact motion and put it into a machine which would put less strain on the joints. Though they are considered to be minimal-impact tools, they are an example of a weight bearing form of exercise as you can add resistance.

They can be self-powered by user generated motion or can be plugged in for adjusting motion and/or for supplying their electronic consoles and resistance systems. Either form will provide an authentic exercise according to the resistance you add to the machine.

There are three types of elliptical trainers, categorized by the motor or drive location. The oldest design is the “rear drive” type.

The “front drive” elliptical was the second generation design while the latest design technology is the “center drive”. On some models, to produce varying pedal motion paths and target different muscular zones, the incline of sloping roller ramps beneath the pedal links. Brand Viagra

Some models include the incline, resistance and stride length over the course of a workout according to a preset program. Some trainers can be driven in a reverse as well as in a forward direction to target separate muscle groups.

Elliptical trainers are primarily driven via the legs while some have a combination design with handle levers that also attach to the pedal links to split the burden on the arms as well. This provides a secondary source of driving power and allows your arms to be toned as well.

Poorly designed machines are too dependent on the user’s leg power, producing excessive handle speeds as a result of mechanical ratios that do not provide enough advantage to the handle levers. Consequently, such machines feel to the user as if his or her arms are simply going along for the ride.

Better models offer a harmonious combination of arm and leg exercise in the correct ratios. It is usually preferable to have the arm levers to involve the entire body which will further better your cardiovascular health.

Some models are manufactured Levitra Professional to for commercial use. These focus on durability and are made to withstand the more frequent use of the fitness club environment.

These will typically sell for well over $4,000 but offer greater durability and programming than the typical home user would ever need. The models available for home use can be purchased for less starting at under $500.

An elliptical cross trainer is comparable to a treadmill in its exertion of leg muscles and the heart. Ellipticals produce a medium range of leg motion between that of stationary bikes and treadmills.

This tool is so great because by exercising more muscle groups simultaneously, a more intense workout can be achieved in less time. This way you can burn more calories faster and see the benefits of your cardio generic viagra propecia routine sooner.

A study conducted by a professor of nutritional and exercise physiology at the University of Missouri measured oxygen retention, lactic acid build up, heart rate and perceived rate of exertion to compare treadmills to ellipticals. According to the study, the physiological responses associated with elliptical exercise were nearly identical to treadmill exercise.

These workout machines are growing in popularity. One reason may be because it is less strenuous while offering a great form of exercise simultaneously.

Author Bio: Tom Selwick has worked in the health industry for years. He recommends using elliptical equipment for becoming a healthier you.

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