Email Marketing for Lead Generation – Maxmail HQ Solution Recipe

In this solution recipe we will prescription cialis generic see how easy it is to use your website as a lead generation tool without actually making any structural changes to the website itself.

Lead generation is one of the main daily dose cialis reasons people have websites and if your current website is not acting as a lead generation tool then something is broken.

Combining lead generation with email marketing can assist with automating your follow up process and thereby increase your conversion rates.

This recipe gives you a step by step roadmap for implementing a lead generation system that works 100% of the time.

So here it goes…

* Prep Tme: Less than 10-15 minutes
* Implementation Time: Less than 2 minutes
* Total Time: 20 minutes max

What you will need

Before you get started, you must first have an active website that you have access to in terms of changing the content. If you dont have a content management system of some sort then you must have access to your web designers who can help you make changes to the website as per this recipe.

Once you have the above, you will need:

* A Maxmail Account (Get a free on from Maxmail HQ’s dot com website)
* A Simple welcome email
* Access to your website.


Create the Welcome Email

You need to create a welcome email that is automatically sent every time someone fills out the lead capture form.

* Click on the Campaigns Tab
* Click on Create New Campaign button
* Select “Create campaign from scratch” option
* Call your campaign name “Welcome Email”
* Remove the contents of the header section
* Click on the Next button
* Inside the subject line add this: “Thanks for contacting us #FirstName#, we’ll get back to you shortly”
* In the content you can write a message appropriate to your business. Here’s a sample:

Dear #FirstName#,
Thanks for visiting our website recently. Its great that you found our services interesting and decided to get in touch.

We are a New Zealand owned company specialising in XYZ and have a strong focus on building long term relationships with our customers.

While we work through your request you might find the links below useful in helping you understand about how we work and the various solutions we can offer.

* Link 1
* Link 2
* Link 3

Until we connect…

Warm regards

Your Name

Once you have created the email, save it as a template.

Setup the list inside Maxmail that will capture these leads coming from your website


* Click on the Manage Lists tab across the top
* Click on the “New List” button on the right
* Call your list “Prospects List” and in the sender name and email address field put your name and email address respectively
* Click on the “Next” button
* Create a new Drop Down custom field and call it “Where did you hear about us” with the following options (feel free to adjust these as per your needs)
* Online Search
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Radio Advertising
* Referred by a friend
* Click on the Next button
* In the Form Name section type “Talk to us today about your business needs”
* Click on the “Build my Form” button
* Cut and paste the HTML code provided on the right hand side onto an instance of Notepad

Placing the form on the website

If you manage the content of your website

* Login to your content management system
* Navigate to the page where you wish for this lead capture form to show up (E.g. the contact us page)
* Save your changes and make them live (this process may be different for your content management system)
* If you pass these things on (usually) to your web designer then simply give them the piece of code you saved in the notepad file and tell them where on your website they need to place this form.

Setup the Auto Responder

* Click on the Automation Tab
* Click on the New Autoresponder Button
* Since we want this auto responder to fire every time someone subscribes to our Prospect List, select “Subscribes” from the Auto Responder Actions drop down list
* Check the Prospect List mailing list
* Pick the Welcome Email from the “Based on” drop down list in the “Then send an … ” section
* Make sure the “Immediately” option is checked.
* Click on Save button

Why bother?

Most prospects dont convert into a sale because of the lack of communication from the company. When someone goes as far as filling out a “lousy” contact us form on your website the least she deserves is an email acknowledging the effort. by automating a response (even though most people know it’s a machine) you are at least breaking the ice. Now, by signing this email off under your name with your contact information makes the automation a bit more personal. This way the client has a person to relate with instead of just an auto-reply email address.

Author Bio: Manas Kamagra Kumar is CEO of Genesis Interactive, the creators of Maxmail HQ, a world class email marketing software. Maxmail does not charge on a per-email-delivered basis and as a result is the preferred email marketing solution for the largest brands in the world.

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