Home-based Business: Bayberry Candles

For home-based business owners engaged in decorative candles, bayberry candles are another addition to your niche. Unlike the traditional paraffin wax candles, Cialis bayberry comes naturally-from bayberry shrubs.

The bayberry shrubs bear fruits in clusters. The berries are light green in color covered in bluish white wax, the source of your bayberry wax. And because the berries only appear in autumn until spring, bayberry candles are seasonal, which makes them a marketable home-based business niche.

Unlike all other candles like beeswax, paraffin wax, and soy wax, you can make wax even at home, as long as you have bayberry shrubs in your property, or know someone who does. You can make a business agreement with that person to supply you with bayberries during its fruit-bearing season.

In order to make one pound of wax, you need to bring to boil 15 pounds of bayberry fruits, covered in one or two inches of water. Twigs and leaves must be taken out before boiling. Continue boiling the berries for another five minutes, before you take them out from the flame. Then, let it cool overnight.
As soon as you wake up in the morning, Tadalis SX you will see a substance floating on top of your pot-that is your wax in greenish color. Now, at this point, you will need your candle-making materials such as melting pot for wax, molders, and wick.

Melt the wax in a pot in a low temperature. You may not place the entire wax into it. Break the wax into several pieces and add them little by little into the melting pot. When everything is melted, prepare an empty and clean can for filtering.

To filter you bayberry wax, cover the top portion of an empty cialis tablets for sale can with a paper towel. Secure it by a rubber band, and slowly pour over your wax into the empty can. The wax may harden as you pour it over, so you will have to re-melt it few times until you have filtered it entirely.

At this point, the wax is now ready to be molded into bayberry candles. Set your wick into their molds and pour your wax into them, just like you do your other candles. Bayberry wax has a natural green color, which saves you money for coloring.

However, because you are making candles for your home-based business, you may need to be more creative and more versatile by adding different colors. Another feature of bayberry was is the presence of natural scent, which is sweet to your smell.

Then again, you can make it varied by making bayberry candles available in different aroma, designs, sizes and shapes. According to the legend, in ancient times, candles were made from bayberry wax, and the designs then were classical and colonial.

Today, there are still home-based business owners who find it lucrative to continue the tradition of bayberry as a lucky charm for any occasion. In Christmas or special occasion, bayberry candles are sent as gifts with the legendary poem written on a nice paper or card.

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