How Exercise Can Affect Your Academics

Why study when you can just exercise? I just recently started a spring term in college. Its been a little while since I’ve been to any kind of school. I took a break from it for a while. While I don’t recommend skipping out on school for everyone, I learned a few things that have made this go around a whole lot easier.

Stress is something that comes easily to me. Usually that stress doesn’t manifest itself in any angry or irritable way. Most people consider me an easygoing guy. But whether my stressing out effects my behavior or not, I can feel it affecting me internally.

One prime example is the way that stress affects me mentally. Its a proven fact that stress can cause a decrease in cognitive thinking ability which leads to poor memory and poor logic. So, its ironic that taking tests in college usually caused me to stress out so much. If there are any two functions of my brain that would be helpful while taking a college exam it would be my memory and my logical Brand Viagra thinking.

But what can you honestly do to prevent yourself from stressing out about something that will determine your grade in Physics 101, your scholarship, your application to your major, your application to graduate school, and the rest cialis cheap of your life? Its a big deal, of course you are going to stress about it. But I found that locking myself inside for days, and studying for hours on end right before I take an exam usually left me confused, stressed, without a social life, and without a good grade.

So, the solution: work out! One of the best stress relievers known to me, and mankind, is exercise. That shocked me when I found that out because the very thought of exercise used to cause my blood pressure to rise. I used to call runners masochists, and cringe at the idea of running a marathon.

Its obvious that exercise leads to a healthier body. Less sickness is less stress. Its obvious that exercise leads to a better looking body. Less worrying about your appearance is less stress. Its also obvious that when you are in better shape you’ll be able to climb those stairs to your biology class a lot easier. An easier climb is less stress.

However, its not as obvious, although very true, that exercise improves your ability to deal with future stress. Its true! Those people who exercise frequently are not affected as much by stressful situations. That right there sounds really handy for my upcoming Physical Science exam.

But there rx cialis low price is more. Exercise can actually raise your I.Q.! I know, who goes running and thinks about how much healthier their brain is becoming? Exercise does, however, improve your cognitive function in many ways.

So, while studying throughout the semester rather than cramming can most certainly help with stress on your upcoming exam, getting a good amount of exercise works miracles too. I had a test just yesterday that I admit I didn’t study for as much as I should. But on the day before the test rather than downing a shot of caffeine and burning a candle late into the night, I skimmed the book and then went to a friends and watched a movie. I read some of my favorite humor columnist, Dave Berry, to get a good laugh, and then I woke up early and got a good work out.

My roommates were probably a bit confused by all of this. I spent the final moments I had available to me before the test exercising instead of studying. However, I went into the test not having looked at any of the material in the past 12 hours and you know what, I was completely stress free that entire test. Normally even if I know the material I’ll slip up on those questions that throw a surprise “not” or “except” or any of those other annoying trick words. But I felt awake, alert, and aware, and I aced the test.

I’m not going to guarantee an A on every test you take from now on if you start exercising. I’m not saying you should replace all your studying with exercise either. What I’m saying is that with all of the mental health benefits of exercise it is worth taking a break from your books every now and then.

I’ve seen exercise help my studies, and if you think that less stress, a higher I.Q., better memory, and better cognitive function won’t help you on your next test than you need to go work out until you do, because something is wrong with your brain.

Author Bio: Tommy Greene is a master in the art of exercise science. He is active and an amazing athlete but does not fit the typical jock mold. He has been a trainer for many professional athletes and he hasn’t even graduated from college yet. He recommends a Free Motion Fitness Treadmill for your fitness needs.

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