How To Become An Alpha Male and Get a Girl’s Phone Number

Just look at yourself! You have learned how to become an alpha male. Little knots of men standing in the bar, watching the girls drink and dance. You have spotted “the One”and you wish you knew what to do. You do know that if you do not make a move soon, she will either disappear or worse, stroll out of here on the arms of someone more bold. You don’t even know her name yet, but you are already having a jealous break down. What is a poor fellow to do? What did you learn about how to become an alpha male?

First of all, slow down on the drinking. Being approached by a sloshingly drunk man is not at all appealing, no matter how attractive he is ordinarily. Try to ditch your entourage for the moment. Would you want an entire group of your laughing friends to hear you get shot down if this goes poorly? Pop into the bathroom and have a quick peek at yourself. Slick your hair down, but avoid that cheap bathroom cologne. Finally check your break and pop a mint if you need one. Square off your shoulder, suck in your gut and head on out there.

Don’t just stomp over to the target girl and grunt out the first thing that pops into your mind, but steer clear of the tired opening lines. No one is going to fall for the “did you hurt yourself when you fell out of heaven” line, trust me. Stick with the simple basics, and keep in mind that if you are in a loud bar, meaningful conversation is going to be impossible. Walk up, smile and wait for a smile in return. Know the secrets of how to become an alpha male. If she rolls her eyes as soon as you walk up, you have more than likely just been handed the no sale sign, so move on.

If you get a smile, then all systems are a go for the next step. Stick out your hand and introduce yourself. Shake her hand gently but firmly. You do not want her to think you are treating her like she will break, but you do not want to hurt her either. Remember what you learned about how to become an alpha male. Oh, and guys, a hand shake is two gentle shakes, not an opportunity to get some cheap chest jiggling action going. Ask her name, and then use it when speaking to her. Repeating her name shows that you were paying attention and that you are Levitra Professional interested Brand Viagra in her as a person. Saying her name is how to become an alpha male.

Wait for a lull in the loud music and then take your chance. Lean in, but try not to blatantly peep down her top. Tell her that you noticed her earlier. Be honest daily dose cialis and try not to sound too sappy about it. Ask if she would be interested in grabbing a cup of coffee or something with you sometime. If she says yes, then ask her for her phone number, but don’t blow your progress by pulling out some ratty, tacky black book from your back pocket. Some people will program every number they get immediately into their cell phone, but that makes no sense to me.

What if you never actually go out? Or worse, what if you go out and have a perfect stinkeroo of a time? It’s best to save programming that number in after a successful date or two. Ask if she has something to write her number on. If she doesn’t grab a napkin and show her how resourceful you can be. No napkins? Stick out your arm and let her write her info there. You get the number, you get a little body contact; just don’t get caught looking down her blouse! This is what you learned about how to become an alpha male.

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