How To Get Your Colon Moving

It is very important that food should be chewed in the mouth, starting the digestion process correctly is how to get your colon moving. The act of chewing the food starts to break. As the Chinese say, “The stomach has no teeth ‘: if food is not chewed in the mouth, certainly not anywhere else. Chewing also alerts the stomach to the imminent arrival of food, it triggers the production of stomach acid and digestive enzymes.

The production of gastric juices in the stomach stimulates the rest of the digestive tract to produce digestive secretions. Most of the absorption of food components into the bloodstream occurs in the small intestine. If the original chewing does not occur, or if you run like a demented duck eating while this will Kamagra not happen! You will then receive partially digested food fermentation and it blows up like a balloon, causing pain and inflammation of grip, and generally creating havoc. Moreover, if your food is not broken down and absorbed effectively, you will not get the nutrients you need from him, so that they become malnourished despite eating enough food. Weird but true. In fact, you often get attacks of hunger because your body is looking for sources of nutrients that are missing. Sorting out the digestion so problems can reduce cravings and the elimination of stomach pains and cramps!

“Moving On”
The main functions of the large intestine or colon is to absorb water and salts from waste prescription cialis generic food. The higher the content of the intestine becomes blocked all water is absorbed more and more difficult and they become drier. Dry, compacted faeces are much more difficult for the bowel to grab and move along, so that bowel movements become slower and less effective. Therefore, the transit time (the time it takes your food to go from mouth to anus) increases and you are on your way to constipation.

The waste to sit around inside the colon for long periods of time can stick to the wall of the intestine gradually hardens. The wall of the intestine becomes inflamed and pain, cramps, bloating and IBS all those things that is so common nowadays. When the intestinal wall becomes inflamed and irritated conveniently, the arrival of new foods trigger diarrhea. Many persons the diarrhea is caused by long term constipation, although some might suspect the diagnosis.

What else can happen when the digestive tract is under it to work?
Flatulence arising from the content of the intestine stew instead sitting forward. Diverticulitis occurs when the muscles of the colon compression, creating bags that can be filled with impacted feces, creating inflammation and further weakening the tone of the intestinal wall.

An adequate supply of water is vital to the entire body, but especially the gut!

Without enough water, the intestinal contents are dried quickly, as described above. The lining of the colon also changes, becoming thicker and sticky instead of offering a good lubricant for the passage of stool.

Drink! Taking into 1.5 liters of water a day is a cheap and effective way to improve health and increase energy levels. Try not to drink too much just before, during or after meals as this dilutes the digestive juices. More than 20 minutes before or after eating is the best bet for actual consumption.

Avoid coffee, alcohol, sugar and snuff especially if you suffer from constipation, malaise, and gastric secretions and dampen the response of the bowel when used long term.

Foods that will help include:
short grain rice, cooked with water, without chewing it
Figs, raw or cooked
Dates, raw or cooked
Prune juice
Exercise regularly, but only slightly, as this stimulates muscle activity and aids peristalsis.

There cialis online no prescription are two main ways to promote better BM supplementation, either through the use of bulking agents or laxatives.

Bulking agents include products such as flaxseed and psyllium husks, which when taken with lot of water, they swell into the intestine to soften the stool and are the main needs of the bowel wall.

If these simple remedies are not enough to get your bowel movement may be necessary to use herbal laxatives. Popular natural laxatives include senna, cascara and buckthorn bark. A product of the average force that I recommend is a tablet containing cash frangula, chicory, blessed thistle and smoke.

For a more intensive, linseed pellets and sin are very effective. By using these laxatives, start with lowest recommended dose and work until your bowel moves well. Do not hit with a huge dose or may have to increase their household expenditure on toilet paper …

Once your bowel is working well, reducing the dosage and the use of bulking agents to continue the beneficial effect. Employ lifestyle changes and, instead of relying on laxatives.

That’s you: no swelling, no bubbles and boiling, flatter stomach, clear skin, eyes brighter, with a water bottle clutched in his hand and a spring in his final step.

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