Microsoft Apple And ATT Cell Phones No Contract Collide And Conquer

AT&T Cell Phones No Contract and Apple are currently in talks with Microsoft to change the default browser on the iPhone from Google to the Microsoft powered Bing. This is huge especially for the No contract Cell Phones and their features. Who would have thought that the two rivals would one day come together for a mutually beneficial relationship such as this? It seems the competition, at least in the smartphone world, between Google and Apple is much stronger than that of Apple and Microsoft. How strange indeed.

This comes as a bit of shock because it was not long ago, 2007 to be exact, when AT&T Cell Phones and Apple decided to make the iPhones default browser a Google one. At the time it seemed an obvious choice with Google as the number one used search engine and iPhone having little competition in the multimedia rich smartphone department. But fast forward a few years ahead and we have Google coming out with the Nexus One and suddenly there order cialis professional is direct competition between the two companies.

Still, the most amazing part is seeing Apple and Microsoft in a possible team up, essentially against Google. Certainly this will favor Microsoft not only with Bing in general but it will be an enormous help to Bing in the Mobile Search field. And because there are already so many iPhone users today, that the changing of the default browser and search engine should not discourage current users nor new users, however only time will tell for sure.

What should be speculated is that if this goes through will this begin a partnership, at least in the cell phone industry, between the long time competitors? Kamagra If it is successful there is a strong possibility the partnership will continue, but in what way? Will Microsoft office and other Microsoft specific programs now be available on the iPhone in the form of apps or something else? Will iPhone help Bing become bigger than Google? What will long time loyalists of Apple and Microsoft think of the heated rivalry suddenly becoming a blossoming partnership? Will either company care?

It is hard to say at this point but the very idea is intriguing. Many will likely be upset however the possibilities of what can be done if ATT Cell Phones and Apple were to put their best people together could bring incredible results to the table. Thanks to Viagra Jelly the idea of merging, some companies are becoming bigger and more powerful using their technology and strategies alongside their partners. Certainly that is still off in the future, but it is a future that is no longer so distant. And speculation is deserved as these two companies have been driving forces in the computer, internet and now mobile handset era. We don’t know what they are capable of, in fact they might even turn everything into holograms, ever wonder how that would be like?

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