Motorbike Insurance – Don’t Be Fooled By Puddles!

As many ‘summer only’ bikers dust down their machines after the winter, many motorbike insurers are advising bikes to be careful when riding through puddles.

The reason is due to the number of deep potholes which can be filled with water and therefore resemble puddles; however rather than just making a splash – the depth of some of the potholes can be treacherous to bikers.

Motorists are well aware of the potential damage potholes can cause to their vehicles, however the potential damage to motorbikes and their riders is far more dangerous. Deep pot holes can easily unseat a rider from his machine causing bodily harm and considerable damage to the bike itself, whilst swerving to miss potholes is also cause for concern for obvious reasons.

Bike insurance companies are advising riders not to be complacent and take heed of pothole awareness guidance which include:

* Puddles: Bikers should approach all size puddles with care as their depth can be much deep than anticipated.

* Stay away from the edge: Potholes are more prevalent at the edge of roads and can easily be disguised by roadside plants and debris.

* Keep your distance: Riders shouldn’t be tailgating at any time, however it’s advisable to leave plenty of distance between the bike and the vehicle in front as this will give riders plenty of time to see potholes that other vehicles simply drive over.

* Don’t speed: Reduce your speed as this again will enable you to spot potholes more easily.

* Change your route: If bikers always take the same route that’s full of potholes it makes logical sense to try another road which is in better condition.

If motorbike owners have ridden into a pothole or two without actually coming off their machine they would also be wise to check their tyres – something which should be carried out as part of routine motorbike inspections to ensure they’re safe to ride.

Tyre manufactures advise bikers Levitra Professional to check for obvious signs of tyre damage along with a thorough check looking for the tell tales signs of bulges on the tyre wall which indicates that the tyre has a weak spot. Any signs of damage and the tyre should be replaced or checked by tyre experts.

Bike insurance companies expect all motorbike riders to take care of the machines to ensure they are fit to ride; it may be wise to check the small print of your insurance policy as failure to keep your bike regularly maintained and safe to ride may be part of the terms and conditions of the policy. Never assume that you’re automatically cover all eventualities more especially it you’ve bought a cheap bike insurance policy from an obscure company that you’ve never previously heard of.

This doesn’t mean that all cheap bike insurance policy are inadequate, far from it as there are many very affordable policies available, it just means err on the side of caution as you should with puddles as you Brand Viagra never know what’s hidden underneath the surface.

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