“Practicing Elliptical Machine Etiquette”

The elliptical exercise machine has quickly become one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment in gyms today. Since they tend to be heavily trafficked machines, a certain set of rules or etiquette apply.
If you have ever seen someone breach this etiquette, you will know how offensive this can be. The breaking of these rules can lead you to be labeled as obnoxious, or even worse-disgusting.

While these rules are not posted at your local gym, you will find they are unspoken, yet logical. They are things to be taken note of, and adopted into your exercise routine.
Believe it or not, these rules have already come into play before you are even at the gym. This etiquette should be followed even as you prepare to attend.

They are as follows: always, always, always wear deodorant. Nobody wants to smell the odor that nature has blessed you with.
Next, be sure you are wearing appropriate clothing. The other elliptical users don’t want to see flashes of your love handles, midriff, or coin-slot.

This means that spandex is definitely discouraged, along with anything mesh, see-through, or way too small. Wearing t-shirts with obnoxious or inappropriate writing or insignia is also discouraged, as the person directly behind you will have to look at your back for the next thirty minutes to an hour.
Once you have entered the gym, if there are plenty of open elliptical machines in a given area, do not choose a one that is directly next to another person. That’s just plain creepy.

If there are multiple open machines, nobody wants to you sidle up directly next to them for no apparent reason. This can be seen as an aggressive act of competition, or a play to create an opportunity to hit on the other person.
Be courteous, and hop on a one with at least one other in between the two parties. Don’t take a long time to choose your machine-that’s just weird.

The next rule is absolutely logical: do not sing out loud while you are working out. Nobody wants to hear your rendition of Survivor’s “The Eye of the Tiger”-nobody.
Please put your headphones in, and leave the performing to the professionals. This will avoid many an awkward, painful situation.

You are now ready to begin your workout. Seeing as you haven’t violated these first few rules, you should be on your machine, and well on your way to a fulfilling program.
While you are working out, do not try to speak to anyone around you. They are busy, you are busy, leave it alone.

There is nothing as awkward as the moment where you make a comment to someone, and they have to remove their headphones and say, “what?” The moment of your comment has passed, and you are done.
Another common elliptical blunder, is thinking you are in competition cialis ejaculation with your fellow exercisers. You know the guy: always looking at the people around him while going faster and faster.

If this were a competition, this guy would be the one to cross the line before the starting gun even went off. Please, keep your eyes and pace to yourself.
Elliptical machines require Brand Viagra a fair amount of balance while operating. Allow yourself to be distracted Levitra Professional or unfocused for even a moment, and before you know it you are tipping off!

Usually this problem is easily remedied, and causes nothing but some minor embarrassment on the user’s part. However, the special exceptions to this rule are in breach of etiquette.
Please do not grab the person next to you as you are falling off. This may seem like a good idea at the time, but I promise you, the person next to you will not appreciate it.

Believe it or not, this really happens. Just keep your hands to yourself, and nobody gets hurt.
Last but not least, never walk away from a sweaty machine. There is nothing more disgusting then stepping on, only to realize that the person before you left their sweaty signature on everything.

Most gyms provide a spray bottle and paper towels to wipe away your residual sweat as a common courtesy. They are not there just for show.
These simple rules will help you to be a desirable gym patron, and a polite fellow elliptical user. After all, the polite gym patron gets the most dates.

Author Bio: Jack R. Landry is a personal trainer and author of numerous articles relating to physical training and elliptical trainer. He has been helping others find a greater fitness level since the 80’s.

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Jack R. Landry

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