Some Knowledge About Sewing Needles

Sometimes we might ask, was the invention of the wheel really what changed the future of mankind? Because we will consider that the man who invented the wheel was wearing animal skins that had been sewn together with a needle.

The practice of sewing, as in using thread and needle to attach various kinds of material, has been dated to at least 20,000 Kamagra Gold years ago. Sewing is practically a universal occurrence, and the actual beginnings of it stretch back to the beginnings of history. It predates the weaving of cloth by many centuries, and was used to stitch together hides, furs, and bark for clothing and other uses.

The needle has always been a simple tool. Whether it is made of bone or metal, the concept remains the same, it is a pointed instrument that pulls a thread through some type of material. The key elements being a sharp enough point to poke through the material and a hole or hook to carry the thread.

Beginning with a coil of wire, the first step was to cut the wire into 3 inch lengths and then straighten the curve. This seems like it would be simple, yet it required that the wire be heated, pressed and then cooled.

Once cooled, the wire was turned over to a grinder who made points at both ends of the wire. Because this Cialis Professional step required a water wheel, early needle makers lived in villages near streams or rivers where they could harness the water for energy to run their water wheels.

Once the points were ground on the ends of the wire, it was taken to the stamping shop where two eyes and two gutters were stamped in the middle, and the eye was punched out.

Using fine wires between the new eyes of the needles, they were separated, the burrs were ground off the ends, and the needles were ready for tempering and finishing.

Tempering was done by heating the needles on trays, then dunking them in oil, making them brittle. The metal is heated and turned by hand with hatchet-like tools, causing it to turn colors from pale red to blue and then to a straw color. When the tempering was right, the heat was removed and the needles were ready for the more finishing.

Needles were felt to find small warps. If there were any, the needle was tapped with a small hammer on a tiny anvil to straighten it out. Every day for eight hours a day for 8 days, the needles were rolled in a heavy canvas with oil, soap and emery which made them smooth and shiny.

Then they were dumped into a copper pan filled with soapsuds to be cleaned. The needles were then rinsed and dried in a bin of sawdust.

The challenge at that point was to remove the needles from the sawdust, line them up so they were even and then clump them together so they could be sized. After the needles were sorted into various sizes, they were weighed and put into equal-sized bundles.

In the final steps, the heads were heated to give them a blue tint and to soften them in order to countersink the eyes. Countersinking was to ensure smoothness so the needle would not shred the thread.

Once the countersinking was complete, skilled grinders once again polished the heads and points of the needles until the desired quality was achieved. Finally, the needles were packaged and sold.
Modern needles are tempered and frequently electroplated with nickel. Often the eye portion is gilded, creating a kind of gold look. There are actually about 70 processes that wire goes through to the cost of propecia transform it into a needle! It is so amazing what it takes to create a short, straight, pointy thing with a hole in one end.

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