Spinning Your Way into Great Shape

Looking for a workout that will burn maximum calories without feeling like a form of torture? Trying Spinning!

Indoor stationary cycling first came on the fitness scene in the early 1980’s, with ultra-endurance athlete Jonathan Goldberg at the head. Finding that it burned a very high number of calories, many bored fitness-seekers turned to this exciting new trend.

Participants use a stationary bike to complete an intense, fast moving workout with the help of a certified instructor. While the instructor calls out what to do, the level of exertion is mainly left in the hands of each biker.

Each stationary bike has a knob or dial, which, when turned, increases the resistance of the bike. The levels are based on a simple scale from one (flat road) to ten (mountain).

During the workout, the teacher calls out to the students which level to set their bike on. For instance, “We are going up a hill! Give me an eight!”

Motivated by the teacher’s coaching, music, and the enthusiasm of the students around you, you can achieve a workout you didn’t think was possible. Burning up to one thousand calories in one hour is quite common.

Since each individual can control his or her intensity level, you may choose to have either an aerobic or anaerobic workout. Think about what your personal fitness goals may be, and choose what kind of workout will help you meet those goals.

If it is fat burning you are seeking, an aerobic workout is the one for you. A more moderate pace with lots of oxygen intake will help you to burn off fat cells quickly.

If you are seeking an intense workout full of intervals, anaerobic is what you are looking for. When you are more winded and your heart rate is spiking, this will help you build more muscle mass.

Be sure to wear comfortable clothing, which will breathe easily and allow you to move quickly. Get ready to sweat!

Be sure to bring a water bottle and a small towel, as you will sweat intensely. Teachers will give regular water breaks to rehydrate.

There are specific shoes designed to fit within the cycle pedals, and create the most comfort for the rider. You can find spin shoes online, or at any major athletic shoe store.

Another handy tool used by more experienced spinners is a portable heart rate monitor. While optional, instructors often dedicate small intervals of time to checking your heart rate, to maximize the use of an interval workout.

The first time you get on your spin bike, you will want to have the help of an instructor to adjust it to the right levels for you. The seat Kamagra and pedal position are essential to insuring you receive a proper workout without injury.

Spinning workouts can also be intensified by the posture and position of the biker. By keeping your back on a parallel level, you will engage the use of your arms and abs.

Teachers will often incorporate an arm workout by instructing students to push their bodies up and down with their arms while cycling, essentially creating a bicep pushup effect.

There are three different hand positions used while spinning. In the first, the hands are placed at the very base of the handle bars.

This position is called hand position one, and is used primarily for resting, warm-up, and cool down. It online prescription cialis does little to actually engage the arms, and is thus used minimally.

In the second, or hand position two, the cycler places the hands on the sides of the vertical hand bars. This is a comfortable position to use when sitting, or when the teacher calls you to stand up while spinning.

The third, or hand position three, brings the biker’s hands to the very top of the handle bars. This position is used mainly when spinning while standing with a flat back

Since spinning is traditionally a high intensity workout, the lights are often off to help cyclists concentrate without distraction. Don’t worry about the people around you-find what is comfortable prescription cialis generic for your body, and go at your own pace.

Given the proper amount of classes and training, you can choose to become a certified teacher. It is not difficult to achieve, and can be a very fun and rewarding job.

Take the time to explore spinning-you may find it is exactly the workout you have been looking for!

Author Bio: Tom Selwick has worked in the health industry for years. He recommends using the right spinning bikes for getting into shape and feeling great.

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