Understanding How To Make A Guy Want You

When it comes to dating, we really have to understand Levitra how to attract the person we like. This is why it is important to understand how men and women think. Men usually think their way through problems while woman like to express their feelings. This notion Kamagra Soft can be used when it comes to dating. Just imagine the following.

You spot the dreamiest man across the room; your eyes lock and you feel like your knees might actually buckle. He walks toward you but do you know how to make a guy want you?. The air is electric, and then he glides right on by because you were too tongue tied to say a single word to him. Sound familiar? Pathetically familiar? Scoot over sister, you are not the only one riding in that boat!

Want a worse scenario? Picture yourself on a date with Mr. Hunky McHotbuns, gazing across the table at him and desperately searching for something, anything to say to break the ice and get the conversation started. So what are you going to do? Surely you are not going to allow the night to end in failure and let that luscious creature out of your life without a single word? Come on! Pick a word and say it. This is why you need to learn how to make a guy want you.
Normally your friends complain that you cannot be shut up and now you have gone mute?

That old “open with a joke” thing can be tricky. First off, can you actually tell a joke? Some people can, and some people cannot so know which one you are before you even try. If you can tell a joke, do you know what kind of humor your companion enjoys? You do not want to open with a joke that steps on someone’s toes or what is cialis professional offends in any way. This is not how to make a guy want you.
So exactly how should you break the ice then? Go with a heartfelt and honest compliment. Something safe and innocuous like ‘pretty shirt” or,
“I like your cologne.” Hopefully they will counter with an amusing story about how they ended up with the shirt and the conversation will grow from there.

Asking questions is a good ploy too, but try to avoid any question that can be answered with yes or no. You want to ask simple, direct questions that will require three or more words to answer. Pay attention to the response and see if there are any follow up questions that you could ask to keep conversation flowing. Make sure you keep asking questions about your companion until you stumble on the topic that gets the conversation really going. This is how to make a guy want you.

Once you have finally gotten the ice broken and the conversation is flowing, try to avoid the talk killers. Skip politics, religion and stories about your crazy Aunt Ruth on a first date. ( You actually might want to keep the Aunt Ruth stories to yourself until just before she makes it through the receiving line at your wedding.) Sports can be an iffy topic if there is the possibility of a sport rivalry between you. Say it’s the Stanley Cup playoffs and you are a die hard Boston Bruin fan while your date is a Wing nut ’til she dies kind of girl, then tempers might flare a little. If you can both agree to disagree, however, sports can be a great way to get a little friendly back and is how to make a guy want you.

Food is a fairly safe topic, especially if you are at a restaurant. Ask him about his favorite meal, or what weird thing he used to like a child. By the time your food comes for the meal at hand, you will be chatting and laughing like old friends. Just remember not to eat with your mouth full because it is not how to make a guy want you.

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