Voice over International Protocol

VOIP (Voice No prescription cialis over International Protocol) is the new way to make International phone calls. With more and more people depending on VOIP every day, you will find that of late VOIP has become the most effective way to reduce long distance call expenses. VOIP offers several telephone packages and services, and is a growing entity in today’s telephone service market. Currently VOIP technology is used by over 2.5 million Internet users worldwide.

Although VOIP’s history can be traced back up to 1974, you will find the major breakthrough in telecommunication developments happened only in 2004, as VOIP was introduced for the first time, as a part of broadband and Internet services to the public. This enables customers to make and receive International calls free of cost. The only expenses are the Internet service charge, with nominal monthly payments. Although VOIP is a fairly new entity and has come into the market recently, you will find that it has outgrown its competitors. With upcoming technology generic cialis overnight and cutthroat competition, one can rest assured that we will be getting the best out of VOIP in the future as well.

VOIP has three different methods of placing a call:

ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) calls

This device allows you to place a call by connecting your phone to your computer. This analog signal is converted into a digital signal, and routed through your broadband. This device basically converts your analog signals to digital ones. You will find this to be an easy and simple setup.

Computer – to – Computer calls

This happens to be the oldest and most used setup. Here all you need is an Internet connection, speakers, microphone or a headset and you are good to go. The only requirement is that the recipient computer also needs to have the same equipment. There are a variety of services and networks, available that offer free service. The best examples are Skype, Yahoo Messenger (Voice), Google Talk etc.

IP Phone

These are unique phones that resemble regular ones. The only difference is that they use an Ethernet connector instead of the regular/standard phone connectors. They connect directly to the Internet eliminating the need for a computer. One can also install a soft phone; this is a kind of a software installed on the computer. This will also aid in making calls.

Advantages of VOIP

1. VOIP has a wide variety of features such as call waiting, voice mail, and the best of all – free International calls.
2. VOIP is famous not only for free International calls, but also for free/cheap local and national calls.
3. Compared to a regular phone, VOIP will allow you to save a lot. This is a boon to all those who make regular International calls. This is the biggest advantage of VOIP over other connections.
4. In the future, VOIP is expected to provide a better technology and cheaper rates.
5. The high quality of sound offered by VOIP can easily be vouched for.

Disadvantages of VOIP

1. Without a computer or reliable Internet connection, one cannot take advantage of the VOIP services.
2. Remember, if you are someone who makes a lot of International calls, VOIP will save you loads. If not, you may need to change your plan to make the best use of VOIP services.
3. During an emergency such as a blackout, VOIP will not be of much use. Computers and stand alone VOIP Phones need a power source to operate, and are useless without a back-up power source.
4. Internet connectivity is everything when it comes to VOIP. If for any reason your broadband connection is not up to the mark, you will not be happy with VOIP. You may find rare disturbances in your connections as well. But these are not particular to VOIP alone; this disadvantage exists in any Internet based telephone network. Some of the disturbances may include, delay in calls, low quality, getting cut off frequently, etc.
5. While calls made from one computer to another are free, most VOIP software including Skype will charge you for calls made from a computer to a phone.

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