What to Do When You Get Plagued With a Computer Virus

It’s happened to almost everyone with a computer. They log on one day to check their e-mail or surf the internet.

But they come to find out that their system is much slower than it was the day before. They close all their programs, and delete any unnecessary files, thinking that doing so might speed it up a little.

But still their system is as slow as a snail! They are running out of options, because their cyber expertise only goes about far as Google or Wikipedia.

This person’s computer has been plagued by a virus. Millions of Americans suffer from this terrible inconvenience each and every day.

Most people don’t even know what to do when they are plagued with this terrible invader because they can’t find it or it is too complex for them to get rid of. Because of the virus’ difficulty, many just end up throwing their computer away and buying a new one.

For most viruses, there is really no need to do this. There are many ways to fix your system so that it is healthy again.

One way is to visit an information technologies professional or go to a local electronics store. They have certified technicians that can help you figure out what’s wrong with your device.

Another way is to deal with it yourself. There is no reason why you can’t conquer this cyber enemy all alone.

Many problems can be solved by following a few simple steps that will get your system up and running again. Here are a few that you can live by when that nasty invader comes into your computer:

Disconnect from your home network: The first thing you need to do is disconnect from your network so the invader can’t infect other computers in your home, apartment complex, or living space.

You will not unplug from the internet, but there are steps you need to take to make sure that your computer is not connected to other computers through printers or any other external device.

This can be a little complicated, so you can look online for a quick how-to guide on many internet sites. This step won’t do anything to fix the virus, but it can stop it from spreading to other devices.

Lock cialis professional online the internet on your firewall: The new intruder will try to go through firewalls and look in the internet for help or it will continue to spread. Locking internet capabilities on your firewall will help neutralize this problem.

Before you do this, make sure your anti-virus program is up to date, because without an Internet connection, your program will not be able to get the latest updates so it can be ready against the viral attacker.

Update your operating system: Once again, this won’t fix the problem and get rid of the attacker, but it will prevent it from spreading and doing more damage to other parts of your PC.

Check your system for simple updates that can be downloaded; or you can check on the OS website to see if there are any updates there. This will simply prevent the invader from finding any loopholes in the system that it can take advantage of.

Run you anti-virus program: This is probably the most self-explanatory step. Run a scan of your PC so that it can find the intruder and clear it out.

Sometimes viruses will be too complex and they will not be found by simple scans that your programs make. cialis price In that case, you will need to follow other steps or use the help of a technical professional.

Reinstall the OS: This is a last resort to all the previous steps. If you have tried everything and it is to no avail, you can reinstall your entire operating system so that it is basically brand new.

The downside is that all your files and programs will be erased. You can back them up on discs to save them, but if you have a lot of files on your computer, this could be a time-consuming process. Really think about if you want to do this or not!

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