Yes, You Can Exercise In a Recliner!

Many men (and women) love their recliners too much to get their butts off of it. Especially if there’s something good on TV!

If it’s March Madness, the pre-game or the post-game of the Super Bowl, or the season finale of their favorite show, they are not moving at all from their cushy throne! They might not even respond to your voice because they are glued to that fuzzy glow!

If you are a friend or a family member Brand Cialis of someone like this, you might periodically worry about their health. After all, a steady diet of Spicy Cheetos, frozen burritos, and Dr. Pepper won’t exactly do wonders for the body.

You could tell them to get off their lazy butt and shove it into a gym, but chances are they are not going to listen to you. Well, listen up, because there could be a beneficial solution for both you and your upholstery-happy friend!

You might not have thought it was possible to exercise while sitting in a recliner. Besides, how does watching Judge Judy and stuffing your face with ding-dongs do anything to make your heart healthier?

You might be surprised to find out that it is possible to exercise on a recliner! It won’t be anything close to running a marathon, but it could be a great way for your loved one to get the exercise they need while still being stubbornly plopped on that chair!

Who knows, they might even be excited to try it out! Here are some of the exercises that you or anyone else can do while sitting on your plushy pillow-like chair:

Quad Training: Your legs can be an epicenter for unhealthiness, especially if you’re sitting on your recliner all day. You will not be happy if you get a nacho cheese clot running through the veins of your legs!

There are some simple exercises that you can do with your legs while sitting on your chair. They are focused on your quadriceps (quads), which are the large muscles that sit on your thighs.

Lie back on your recliner with your legs together and your toes tilted upwards. Flex your legs to the what is cialis used for point where it puts pressure on the area of the quads.

Hold this for 10 to 20 seconds and then relax your muscles. You can do four or five sets of contracting and relaxing, or as many as you want until you get tired.

This is great for those who may be confined to a chair because of pre-existing conditions, or simply those who can’t get away from their favorite show. Do it while watching TV or talking to friends or family in the living room.

Crunches: For this exercise, put your body in the same position as it would be for the quad training (footrest up, chair completely tilted back).

Once you are in this position, lift your upper body slightly in the air until you can feel pressure in the abdominal region. In order to feel pressure, it will probably only be necessary to lift your head and shoulders off the chair.

Once you do this, hold that raised position for at least one to two seconds until you go back down on the chair. It can be good to do this about 20 to 30 times, which will be one set, and then proceeding to two or three more sets.

This is a great way to feel the burn in your abs and stomach. You can get rid of that beer belly that has plagued you for a long time!

Push-ups: This exercise is for those who may be a little younger or healthier. Start by getting in a standard push-up position.

Place your legs on the seat of the recliner so that your body is facing downwards. Proceed to do a regular push-up until your nose hits the ground, then return to the normal position.

This is great for those who get easily fatigued while doing push-ups. The tilted position that your body is in makes it easier to go up and down, which makes it easier Viagra Professional to do more and more reps.

Try some of these great exercises out when you are bored or you are watching TV! It can be a great alternative to vegging out and eating unhealthy foods!

Author Bio: Ronald Pedactor is a personal trainer and has authored hundreds of articles relating to physical training and exercise equipment. He has been a health expert and physical trainer for over 15 years.

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