RFID Software for Following the Food Chain

With the right RFID software, farmers and grocers can follow the food chain. Meat, produce and other farm items can be tracked from the farm to the store. This will reduce loss and improve safety, which will ultimately reduce the cost of foodstuff for everyone.

Much of today’s advancing technology is focused on feeding families for less without sacrificing quality or safety. That’s no small task.

One of the hurdles faced by farmers and shipping firms is loss. Trucks containing foods are rarely hijacked. The loss is due primarily to spoilage.

Grocers face similar problems with spoilage, although the cause is different. Typically loss due to spoiled produce in the grocery is due to over-ordering.

Farmers have been using RFID tags for many years to monitor and manage herds of cattle. On some ranches, the tags have made branding unnecessary…a thing of the past.

The tags are an option for free-range poultry farmers. The increasing popularity of free-range or grass-fed meat and poultry calls for the use of new technology. Without it, accurate inventories become impossible. A farm owner can only estimate. While that was an acceptable practice in the past, it is far less so today.

Ranchers and some farmers are accustomed to using RFID software. Trucking firms have been using the technology for years to make toll paying and other payments easier.

Many companies have replaced UPC and bar codes with the tags. They can be read from longer distances. Depending on the transmission strength, they can be read from inside or outside the store.

All that is necessary to monitor the entire food chain is the right database. Assuming that all involved parties have the appropriate readers and make use of the same technology, tracking inventory becomes a simple matter of pushing a button.

The tags can help reduce spoilage all along the food chain. The latest telemetry tags are able to report temperatures, movement and weather conditions.

The temperature inside of the truck can be monitored at all levels if desired. It may be something of a redundant system in refrigerated shipping containers. But, it is the redundant systems that prevent the most loss.

The use of RFID software inside of the store completes the food chain. Ordering can still be done by hand, but there will be less chance of over-ordering.

With the right database, the system will record items in transit. Error messages can be installed to prevent ordering an item that is currently on its way to the store.

The things you have read about here are only a few of the business uses for RFID software. As the technology continues to advance, even more options will become available.

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