Some Common Storybook Costume Ideas

During certain parts of the year, people enjoy dressing up as characters from stories. They might be dressing up to celebrate a holiday or may be dressing up to attend a themed party. Whatever the case, there are many characters people can choose from when it comes to deciding who or what to be. Here are some common storybook costume ideas.

A storybook costume that is very popular among females is the princess. A lot of stories have a princess and when females look at the assortment of them, they usually can find one that they either relate to or even resemble. Princess costumes are usually comprised of two main elements; a dress and a crown. Depending on which princess Tadalis SX story is chosen, the color options for dresses will vary. In many of these kinds of stories, the dresses are in very feminine colors that are either pale of vibrant. Colors most used for dresses in regard to princesses include shades of pink, blue, purple, and yellow. The crowns that princesses usually wear in these stories are petite in size and golden in color with a few gems.

For males, a popular costume is the counterpart to the princess; the prince. In some stories, the prince is always dressed in royal garments and wears a crown. They wear bigger crowns than princesses and their garments tend to be in certain colors. Common colors worn include blue, red, green, and black. Yet in other stories, the prince wears clothing that masks his royal status and he instead chooses to wear the clothing that regular people in the kingdom wear. It is very common for the costume in this case to appear somewhat tattered and be in colors such as beige and brown.

Animals are often popular characters in storybooks. Animals that are considered protagonists usually fall into the cute and cuddly category. Animals such as rabbits, dogs, cats, mice, hamsters, baby animals, and other furry creatures are often the most popular and their image is made into costumes.

Some members of the animal kingdom are typically used as villains. For example, common animal villain costumes include alligators and crocodiles, snakes, lizards, and other reptiles. Reptile costumes are not the only animal villain costumes though. Some stories have furry animals as the villain, such as a fluffy cat or a large dog.

Human villains from stories are also popular costume choices people dress up as. For instance, in many tales, a gang of pirates are the villains. In other tales, there is an evil king or queen, stepmother and stepsisters, or an evil knight.

Many stories feature talking objects and these characters become popular so costumes in their image are made. For example, someone may choose to dress up as a talking and moving clock from a story. Pieces of decorative furniture, such as candles and lamps are also character costumes.

Those were some common storybook costume ideas. A lot of stores during particular times of the year will have an assortment to choose from. For those that want do not want to buy a costume, these kinds of costumes can also be made and all that is needed is a picture of the character from the story desired to get an idea for the basic design and colors.

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