Digital Micro-Imaging System Takes A Closer Look

The scientific community needs to keep up with the high demand for cures in the medical field and in order to do so; they are looking towards the high-tech world of technology. Many of the advancements in medicine are due to the corporation of science and inventors who take something ordinary such as a camera and turn it into something extraordinary so that it can help millions of people. A digital micro-imaging system places a high-powered camera on top of a microscope so that a picture of something can be taken and studied at the same time.

This real time or same time photograph and microscope studying process works well for cancer patients, especially ones with skin cancer. This type of disease could be enlarged ten or more times by the camera and then even more by the microscope to see what type of cells are present in the lesion. This gives the lab technicians the instant data they need in order to report their findings to the doctor. It also reduces the need for painful biopsies on patients when photographs will do the same job.

Each of these cameras and microscope combinations comes with a unique and user-friendly software package. The software is easily downloaded onto the computer that will be using the equipment or nearest to the combo piece of machinery and then the computer is ready to take in the data from the camera. One of the main features about this camera and microscope combo is that it is great to use as a teaching tool.

When an image is snapped by the camera and then transferred to the microscope portion of the equipment, there is a computer program that helps in the analysis of what the lens and lab technician see. This photograph could also be send around to coworkers for a second opinion. There is also the technology which allows this camera and microscope combination to sent the recently photographed photos to a large screen in the room so that all present can see the same thing. This is helpful in a teaching situation.

There is a wide range of micro-scoping pictures available in many different brands. Depending on which brand a hospital or laboratory purchases, some of the cameras that can be mounted onto the microscopes offer a search process of upwards of 37 images per second with a resolution of 640 x 512 pixels, making it a very clear image. There are also several different applications besides the skin cancer that this type of duel lab equipment would work for. A urinalysis is another example of what a combination camera and microscope could help with. Looking for bacteria or blood cells in an individual’s urine would be easier with the camera style microscope.

Some of the software for these unique technological machines will support a time-lapse movie which will show a short progression of a disease in real time. This will help a doctor in determining the best course of action to take for addressing the patient’s disease and how to stop it from spreading or taking over the individual’s body. By providing a chronological short film of what has happened in a person’s body, the doctor could predict what might happen next and hopefully prevent it.

Another good feature about these microscope camera combos is that they lesson the margin for human error. When a camera is either recording or snapping photographs of a disease progression or cell mutation, then there is always a back up for the human eye. Some of the moving specimens can be photographed or filmed moving up to 15 frames per second. The human eye can not focus that quickly and still process what it sees.

Doctors of all specialties are now using the digital micro-imaging system to take a closer look at what they might be missing. They are using these technological advanced machines on children and older adults and everyone in between to make sure their diagnosis is exactly what they think it should be. Then treatments can begin to help save the person from the disease and months or longer of terrible pain.

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