A Guide to Make Your Cinco de Mayo Food Sparkle

Planning your Cinco de Mayo celebration should be fun and exciting. Trying to come up with unusual or exotic dishes to complement old favorites is one of the best parts. You can really have fun when it comes to desserts.

Cold desserts are a favorite during this warm time of the year. Sure, you can make some ice cream flavored with mango or coconut, but what about a granita? Have you ever tried one? They are simple to make and you can flavor them with luscious exotic tastes like hibiscus. The hibiscus also gives the granita a bright pink color that fits right into the colorful decorations for Cinco de Mayo.

If the allure of ice cream is too hard to deny, you can always add that native Mexican treat, chocolate sauce. Spice it up with a good kick of chipotle Brand Levitra or cinnamon. The warmth you feel in your mouth from the spicy chocolate contrasts with the coolness of the ice cream. Memorable parties are made from such flavorful unions.

If you prefer cakes, a classic Tres Leches cake is simple to make and will make quite an impression. This rich cake is saturated with three kinds of milk and is served ice cold. Yum! For a warmer cake, consider cupcakes with the flavors of cinnamon, chipotle and chocolate all combined. You bite into it, enjoying the chocolate flavor then the warmth of the chilies and cinnamon wake up your mouth.

To really dazzle your guests, make some capirotada. This Mexican bread pudding is liberally sprinkled with pecans, raisins and two types of cheese. Finish it off with cinnamon, nutmeg and whipped cream for a dessert your guests will remember for weeks.

Other authentic Mexican desserts to consider include empanadas filled with fruit and cream, sweet tamales filled with almonds and fruit, and churros, which can be served with a hot cup of Mexican chocolate to drink. We know so little of the delicious Mexican desserts here in the United States… why not use your Cinco de Mayo party to explore some of these delectable delights?

When you plan your Cinco de Mayo food remember to enjoy all those Latin spices and hot salsa. Just add that sparkle of sweet flavors to your party. Our neighbors to the south have a lot of different treats to offer us. Try recipes that open up new directions for you and your guests. The rewards are unbelievable.

No matter how you start the meal, you always want to end on a high note. Sometimes it is paramount to save your best for last. A sweet and savory dish can give you that “wow” factor. The dessert flans are good, but just remember to kick it up a notch. When you put it all on the line with decorations and a fantastic meal, you need to finish with that incredible dessert.

Mexico is home to great desserts; it is time to realize what great chefs developed these recipes. Let them stimulate you to accomplish gastronomic fame at your next Cinco de Mayo gathering.

Author Bio: Some of the best Mexican recipes are aimed towards people with a sweet tooth. Ingredients like vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon are popular when it comes to Mexican desserts and fresh fruit is always well loved too. If these ingredients sound good to you you’re going to love making dessert recipes and you can choose from cake, cookies and more. http://www.MexicanDessertRecipes.net The Sweet Side of Mexican Food

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