Design Tip: How and Where to Use a Lamp Shade

A lamp shade is a decorative covering for the bulb on lamps and greatly supports increases the style and design of the room where it is used. While a lamp shade is most commonly seen on desktop lamps in offices, living rooms or bedrooms, the term lamp shade is also used to describe the glass coverings Viagra Jelly that you find on ceiling lights as well. A lamp shade is used in order to redirect or diffuse the light emitted by the bulb so that the lamp achieves maximum effectiveness. A lamp shade also has the secondary task of shielding the heat from the light source from the surrounding area. While a lamp shade has an important practical purpose a lamp shade also has a great deal of aesthetic value and can be a very beautiful decoration.

The lamp shade has its origins in 17th century Milan, where the public oil lamps in the streets had reflectors above the flame designed to direct the light from the flame downward. This concept was carried forward to when the much brighter electric lights were introduced. The lamp shade was created during this time to shade the lamp so the light from the lamp would not be too intense. The first lamp shades were supposedly made from coloured glass.

At present day the lamp shade comes in many different types and styles. Not only can a lamp shade be put on a lamp, a lamp shade can be attached to just about any light fixture. Most often a lamp shade will attach using the traditional screwed-on socket using threads that are etched on to the lamp. But there are many other ways to fix a lamp shade such as washers, snap-on, and metal brackets.

A lamp shade can come looking like almost anything. The traditional lamp shade is made of some type of cloth supported on a wire frame. The cloth used in a lamp shade can vary from cotton, hemp or even plastic or nylon fabric. More extravagant fabrics such as silk can be found in a more expensive lamp shade. Apart from fabrics a lamp shade can also be made from paper as well. This type of lamp shade is called a paper balloon. A lamp shade such as this is very low cost but does run the risk of being a fire hazard. A more extravagant variety is the glass bowl lamp shade. A glass lamp shade has the disadvantage of being heavy and breakable but it has a greater aesthetic quality. Often a glass lamp shade can be as extravagant as a chandelier. A variety that has a certain novelty aspect is the metal lamp shade. A Metal lamp shade, while sturdy and beautiful, is prone to heat up a great deal and must be used with care.

The right lamp shade can make or break the decor of its surrounding. So always take a look at all the options and figure out what lamp shade is best for you or most appropriate for the surrounding design to support it.

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