Do I Have to Buy Registration Before Driving a New Car in Canada?

There is more to purchasing a car than just paying for it and driving it off the lot. Before you can legally drive a new car there are a few things you have to do to verify that you legally own the car and you are also required to have auto insurance. One important thing you have to do is register the car in your name. Registration is mandatory before you can drive the car. In Canada, vehicle registration is handled by the provincial governments. It is important to be aware that each province has a specific number of days that one can drive a newly purchased car before they have to get it registered.

The purpose of registering the car is to make sure there is a record of ownership in case the owner sells the car, or if the car is stolen, there is a way to trace the car back to the owner. If a person does not have their car registered, the vehicle stays registered to the seller and there is no legal document showing that the car belongs to them.

It is not difficult registering a vehicle in Canada. The following are the basic steps to getting a car registered:

1. The first thing you have to do is assemble Kamagra jelly all the essential documents that you will require to register the vehicle. This includes: driver’s license, certificate of sale, and title of the car. The certificate of title is commonly called a ‘pink slip.’ The seller’s signature must be on the pink slip and the buyer’s signature must also be included on the slip.

2. Take your information to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Get the necessary registration papers from the service representative and fill them out. It is important to be aware that the term ‘Master Number,’ sometimes referred to as ‘Client Master Number,’ on an application form is referring to your Driver’s License. This is a fourteen digit number that consists of the first five letters of your last name plus the day, month, year of your birth, and three computer generated numbers.

3. Once you have filled out the paperwork, you must give the service representative the registration forms, all of the essential documents, and your driver’s license. You will be required to pay a fee to register the car which will vary among provinces. This fee will include taxes. It is important to be aware that you will also have to provide your license plate number, odometer reading, and safety inspection number.

4. Once the service representative has processed the paperwork you will be given a registration sticker. You will place this sticker in the corner of your license plate. You will also receive registration papers that you must keep in the car. Most people put the papers in the glove department. It is important to remember that when an owner signs their Certificate of Registration over to someone else, the ownership of the vehicle is instantly transferred to the new owner. However, the name of the new owner has not yet been correctly registered with the Province.

In Canada, anyone who wants to prove ownership, sell, or transfer any motor vehicle including off-highway vehicles, must register the vehicle. Because some provinces rules will vary, it is important check your provincial government’s website to determine their requirements for registering a vehicle. As well, companies such as Assurance Auto will provide helpful information about car registration and insurance considerations when you purchase a new car.

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