Errors to Avoid For Good Grades on Your Term Papers

As a college composition instructor, I have found that more than a few students have short changed themselves by overlooking important issues while writing papers, issues that are vital to present their ideas effectively, that help the reader understand the underlying concepts of the writer fully and that make the presentation of their work seem well thought-out, orderly and to an extent professional. What is sad is that many of those errors could have been avoided, but are not due to the writer’s lack of awareness, and result in poor grades. Also a good term paper that earns good marks doesn’t have to be a hassle, rather a writing paper that is written with interest and a confidence on ones capabilities, is tackled one step at a time and avoiding the below given common errors can earn better grades.

ERROR 1: Not focusing your paper with a clear point that is focused on a specific audience. This involves being specific by mentioning the subject matter and also the audience for whom it is directed. For example writing “New York is an exciting place to visit.” Is not appropriate as it is too broad and fails to identify the context in which the statement has been said and the audience to which it is relevant. Avoid this error by narrowing it down and tailoring it to an audience such as colleagues or classmates or artists. An example may be, ” the statue of liberty is an exciting place to visit for tourists and history lovers. Your readers would want to know why and you can elaborate in the body of your paper.

ERROR 2: Not paying regard to paragraph sequence and flow. A paragraph does not flow smoothly from the previous one in other words an evidence of lack of planning in your writing. Every new paragraph covers a totally new aspect of your subject and confuses the reader. The reader is unable to establish the link between the two consecutive paragraphs. To avoid this the writer should make an outline of the rough draft by numbering the paragraphs and writing them in a one liner summary, that includes the gist of the whole para from beginning till end. This approach will enable you to include all ideas that you want to mention and with a proper flow. The proper body of your writing will be evident.

ERROR 3: Not developing the paragraphs themselves well, where ideas are “jumping” from one sentence to another. Instead of developing a idea and then moving on to another, each sentence presents a different point. The reader is unable to make out the idea you are trying to present in the para. This error can be avoided by using transitive words such as to that end, next, third etc.

ERROR 4: Forgetting to develop a concluding paragraph. Some students end their papers by writing a one liner conclusion or merely writing “in conclusion”. Such trite interrupt paragraph flow and give an unprofessional ending to the writing. Avoid this by remembering what you want your readers to remember once they have read it. Carefully and briefly summaries the highlights of your paper’s content.

The above mentioned errors are not only common but they result in students receiving lower grades for their papers. By avoiding them and using the suggestions, you can go far in writing your term paper or research paper that makes a difference and above all earn you good grades.

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