Golf Shoes: Terrain Matters

You already know golf shoes are important for solid footing. You probably already know that taking a full, powerful swing is nearly impossible to do without the traction golf shoes provide. These are the most important issues concerning shoes, but they are not the only ones. Terrain is another.

Most recreational golfers play within a certain geographic area. Some may even play only on one or two courses, all within easy driving distance. When this is true, it is vital that players get the right shoes for their particular terrain.

As we all know, terrain varies a great deal from one part of the country to the next. In some states, terrain can vary from mountainous to flatlands and offer just about everything in-between. Having the right shoes for your type of terrain is important.

It should be noted right here, that most golfers will do just fine with a regular pair of golf shoes. But there are others who might want to look into custom golf shoes.

For instance: If you normally play a course that has a lot of steep inclines (hills), you may want to look into shoes that offer more protection for your ankles. The amount of stress that can be applied to ankles while moving up or down steep hills can be enormous. If this is your case, you may want to look into buying shoes that offer higher sides for more stability.

A good tip for anyone who has to play hilly courses is to traverse the steepest hills laterally. Instead of trying to walk straight up the incline, move along the side, making your way up as you go. If it is a big hill, you may have to zig-zag your way up. This works regardless of what type of shoes you are wearing and often requires less muscle work from your legs.

If you play in a region that is bone dry and the ground is hard most of the year, you may want to look into buying golf shoes that have metal spikes rather than the more modern rubber nubs. Metal spikes will dig into hard packed soil much easier than softer rubber or plastic nubs. Make sure your course allows players to wear spikes first, some do not as metal spikes are a known cause of damage to greens and clubhouse floors.

For those who play in areas where it is often wet, golf shoes that are waterproof or water-resistant can be a godsend. Nothing ruins a day of play like wet, soggy socks. Some online comparative shopping will easily and quickly show which brands and models of shoes are waterproof and which Brand Cialis are not.

By taking a few minutes to determine which type of shoes will best suit your terrain and weather conditions, you can add to your overall pleasure of the game. You can also help lower your score by being at your top form, and that includes being inside the best golf shoes for you and your location.

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