How to Get Rid of Acne Safely and Naturally?

Trying to get rid of acne can be an emotional drain that saps your self confident, especially when you are a teenager, coping with adolescent acne, or an adult, trying to get rid of adult acne. While acne is usually not a life threatening condition, it can take a tremendous psychological toll. You’ve probably tried a lot of different over-the-counter acne treatment products but disappointed with the results. Expensive acne medication and creams are not the answer to your acne problem. They only treat the symptoms of acne. Besides, some of these acne medication may have dangerous side-effects that you what to stay away from.

To deal with your acne successfully, you first need to understand what causes acne and deal with the underlying cause. While it is not 100% understood the exact causes of acne or why it usually starts at the start of a persons adolescence, studies have linked acne breakouts to certain hormonal changes during adolescence. Most incidents of acne afflict people between the age of 12 and 25.

A common myth about acne is that the skin condition is cause by poor hygiene of having dirty skin. But the true is that pimples, zits, blackheads and other types of acne are not caused by dirt at all.

Another common acne myth is that eating certain foods will causes acne. However, there is no evident directly connecting any particular food to acne breakouts.

There are many known causes of acne breakouts, including hormonal changes, genetics, and stress. Genetics may be the cause of hormonal imbalances and stress may cause changes in hormonal levels that can cause excessive production of sebum, which can lead to clog pores, inflammation and acne.

Therefore, the best acne treatments deal with the problem at its root cause by restoring your body’s hormonal balance. This can be achieved with simple change in lifestyle, without the use of expensive acne medication and products that only treat the symptoms and may have unwanted side effects.

Below are a few natural ways for treating and preventing acne at its core:

Drink enough water: The best natural acne remedy to preventing and curing acne is water. Your body is made up of mostly water and it needs water to function as it should.

Water helps your keep your skin healthy by getting rid of harmful toxins that can accumulate and may lead to acne breakouts. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to help your body purify itself.

Get enough sleep: An easy natural acne remedy is to get enough quality sleep every night. Studies have shown that not having enough sleep can cause hormonal imbalances, and weaken your immune system and your body’s ability to repair itself. While a healthy immune system may not prevent acne, it can lessen the frequency and severity of acne breakouts. Getting a good night’s sleep can help keep your skin looking healthy.

Reduce stress: Another natural acne remedy to restore your hormonal balances is to reduce your every day stress level. Learn stress reduction methods or start exercising such as walking, running, swimming and bicycling, which are known to help reduce stress.

The above natural acne remedies are easy to do, safe and provide the best options to prevent acne because they address the real root causes of acne. While there is not cure for the skin disease, you can take the steps mentioned above prevent acne breakouts before it has a chance to rear its ugly head.

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