Job Opportunities in Spain

If you are thinking of picking everything up and moving for a new life in Spain you need to consider your working options. Will you need a full time job? Part-time? What sort of bills will there be to pay and at what rate? All these questions can be answered with a bit of research before the big move, so that you will be completely aware of the new life you are starting and all the wonderful opportunities that await you!

The first hurdle to tackle is becoming a Spanish citizen because once you have achieved this you are entitles to a job. Once you have achieved this you must obey all the Spanish laws, such as paying the correct taxes. Make sure you have done plenty of research on what being a citizen entails so you are not tripped up when you become one, you do not want any surprises. Gestor is a great place for getting advice and help getting employed or becoming self-employed. Make sure you aware of any unique skills you have that will look good in the Spanish job market.

Because of the Global Recession the job market has been affected quite badly, particularly overseas and Spain has not missed out on the problems. The Spanish Government published figures in January 09 which showed that the economy had greatly worsened and there was a record-breaking 19% unemployment! Which of course makes Kamagra Gold it obvious how hard it could be to get a job. That is why it would be much easier if when moving you knew you could specialize. The competition for jobs is very high and you would be competing against the local population and other immigrants from the EU and some third world country immigrants who could potentially be cheaper to hire. A lot of the people that move to Spain end up getting jobs in real estate and construction and others will find jobs in the tourist industry working in bars, restaurants, B&Bs and hotels. However these industries have also been hit badly by the current economical climate.

The decrease of Sterling purchase has caused a drop off in industry and real estate jobs, and sales of villas and apartments in Spain have become rare happenings. Since it has lately become an over-indulgence to spend money on holidays the tourism market is also suffering. B&B and hotels have had a drop off of visitors and customers do not what to overspend when on holiday so the bars, restaurants and clubs will have also noticed a drop off. However thankfully the European tourist industry has not been as affected by the recession as Britain, so by minimizing their customer targets have effectively limited the recession’s impact on the industry and business had continued as normal.

So from the above information you may think that moving to Spain safely and financially secure would be impossible, but there is a lot yet to consider. First and most importantly the recession will not last forever, and if one continues to look out for opportunities even in this climate you could be living in sunny Spain faster than you expect. It will most certainly not be easy to secure a good and well-paid job but there are many other opportunities awaiting you. If you have skills in e-commerce that could be an interesting way to bring in money, and all that would be needed is an ADSL connection. However you attempt to make money make sure you get a steady income before moving to Spain.

A few final words of advice to consider: those who speak the native language would be much more likely to get a job in Spain, over those who do not. There will be as much competition from the local Spanish as other migrants, so do not underestimate the job market. One final note is that pay is not as high in Spain as in more Northern European countries so do not be offended or overly surprised if you are offered a smaller wage.

Happy Job-Searching!

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