New Years Day Meal Traditions

Just like so many other holidays there are a few traditional meals that people prepare on New Years Day. The traditional meal for Christmas Day includes either a ham or a goose, for Thanksgiving the traditional feast includes a turkey, and for Easter a ham as well. The New Years Day feast may not be so elaborate but many individuals feel that eating certain dishes on this day will bring them luck in the New Year. True or not many individuals take part in this tradition every year and even if you may not be rewarded with additional luck it is a great way to add some tradition to the New Year holiday. Many of us feel that we are defined by our customs and traditions so why not add tradition to yet another exciting holiday celebrated by so many every year. After all, New Years is a time for improvement in our lives, a time when we look forward to all that the New Year will bring us and what better way to start the New Year by adding tradition that will bring your family closer together. This year get together for a hot meal on New Years Day and try one of these great meal traditions for the holiday.

One common addition to a New Years Day meal is legumes, most commonly black eyed peas. These are said to be a symbol of money and many individuals feel that eating them on this day will bring luck with money in the New Year. Some serve black eyed peas along side a meal while others prepare a soup containing them but either way you decide to eat them you may be giving yourself luck with money in the New Year.

Greens cooked on New Years Day are also thought to bring luck as well and in a similar manner as legumes. Cooked greens are said to be symbolic of good fortune due to the fact that they resemble folded money. Which ever greens you decide to eat and however you decide to cook them be sure to eat a lot if you believe you will be brought good fortune in the New Year because the superstition goes the more you eat the more good fortune you will have.

Pork is also often cooked on New Years Day as well and is thought by many to be a symbol of progress, wealth, and prosperity. Many individuals in many different countries attempt to improve their lot in life every year by traditionally eating pork on New Years Day.

Finally, fish and seafood are often enjoyed on New Years Day as well. Certain types of fish and seafood are actually thought to increase fertility, long life, and good luck depending on which country you are in on New Years Day. Fish is also common because certain Cialis Jelly cultures do not eat red meat on this day.

Although these may be nothing more than superstitions it can’t hurt to have a little extra hope for the New Year. So fire up the stove and give yourself a little bit of luck next year.

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