Princess Power: Fairy Tale Baby Bedding in Your Daughter’s Nursery

Fairy tale baby bedding tends to summon two diametrically opposed reactions from parents who are searching for a decorative scheme for their daughter’s nursery. Some are positively enchanted by the notion of a very traditional roomful of gowned maidens and pumpkin coaches and the like, while others find this prospect an offensive and nauseating reinforcement of long outdated notions about female role models.

If you belong to the pro-traditional fairy tale clan, then settle in for hours of very enjoyable online browsing for linens that will create a truly sweet and magical space for your little one. If you count yourself among those who roll their eyes at the notion of using fairy tale decor, then you will definitely be surprised by what very enlightened designers have done with this motif.

Baby girl bedding featuring a fairy tale motif is no longer limited to the usual prim and ruffled collections of pastel pink sheets and blankets embossed with images of helpless beauty queens. A quick online search is apt to turn up a host of nursery sets whose clever use of color and texture will cast a magical spell over those not previously disposed to the idea of this theme.

Many fairy tale collections for little girls are now available in a host of gorgeous colors, ranging from subdued sets in which sage and tonal browns are punctuated with splashes of rusty orange, to vibrant studies in green and purple. Better yet, the usual images of fragile princesses have been replaced with Celtic winged faeries or super heroines and, in some gleefully campy ensembles, cute witches on broomsticks.

Those trying to decorate a beloved daughter’s room on a very tight budget often feel that they will never experience a happy ever after when they purchase crib bedding. Some mothers and fathers wince and run up credit card debt that will take months to pay off, which makes the experience of dressing the nursery a less than joyful adventure, while others reluctantly purchase linens they don’t really like.

Smart and sassy fairy tale bedding for little girl is now sold in sets, both large and small, which will provide your rough and ready princess with all of the bedding she requires to ensure a safe and happy beginning to her own exciting and beautiful story, which she, and no one else, can write.

Baby girl bedding with a storybook theme has evolved beyond the stuffy lacy pink bedding decorated with waggish damsels in distress. If you’re not exactly thrilled with the idea of this theme, an online image search just might change your mind.

These days you can find a huge variety of storybook-themed bedding sets for your princess, including tasteful collections in subtle mossy and earthen tones with dashes of deep orange, and lively sets in cheerful lime and lavender shades. The fairy tale theme goes way beyond Silagra princesses to include faeries, girl super heroes or even witches on broomsticks.

New moms and dads trying to create a nursery for a baby girl without a lot of money to spend frequently think they’ll never find that happy ending when they’re trying to buy crib bedding. New parents typically take one of two routes which is too buy baby bedding they aren’t crazy about or to buy something they love but can’t afford.

A variety of quality crib sets are available on the market to cost-conscious decorators, making it possible to design an attractive space while staying within budget. You can buy a variety of princess-patterned crib linens in reasonably priced sets which also contain other coordinated nursery items.

Author Bio: Fenella McPherson is a writer for Baby Bedding Zone, an online retailer of baby bedding, including a wide selection of princess baby bedding and fairy baby bedding.

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