Telltale Signs of Stress

Stress comes unannounced and manifests itself in your body in ways you cannot even guess. Most people cannot read the warning signs that signal you about stress. This can make your condition worse. Save yourself the trouble and be prepared to tackle stress with your healthiest foot forward. Here are a few symptoms of stress that you probably weren’t aware of:

The Irritating Eye Twitch

Those who have experienced it will know how troublesome this condition can be. Though it is temporary, an eye twitch can leave you irritated. As per medical professionals, blepharospasm or eye twitch can be prompted by stress. When it hits you, close your eyes and try to remain peaceful. Taking regular breaks from your computer screens can helpful as well.

Muscles that Just Keep Tweaking

The constant pain in your neck which you imagine is a result of sitting in front of your PC is actually a sign of stress. Stressful conditions can have an impact on your musculoskeletal system which brings about spasms in your muscles. Taking deep breaths and asking your spouse for a shoulder rub can help you de-stress and feel relaxed.

Painful Cavities

Who could imagine that good old cavities could have anything to with stress? Poor dental hygiene isn’t always the reason behind your cavities. If you have a habit of grinding your teeth, you’re in for trouble. Grinding teeth is generally in reaction to stress and over time it can hamper your dental framework. This can lead to cavities and you might not even come to know. To overcome this, make sure that you have fewer worries on your head and you’re done.

Constant Nausea

When your family or friends are sick, there is an increased possibility that you end up feeling like a patient yourself! Sudden stress can cause an upset stomach in a jiffy. This is mostly due to incessant worry which makes you obsess over an issue. To get over this symptom of stress, reduce your anxiety levels by voicing your worries. Dipping your hand sin tepid water can also be of great help.

Fits of Forgetfulness

When you need to remember things the most, you are prone to lapsing into forgetfulness! This happens with almost everyone at some point in their lives. It isn’t that your memory has suddenly gone for a toss but rather you are suffering from stress! When in stress, the hippocampus or memory center shrinks drastically making your memory sluggish. The moment your stress levels go down, it returns to its normal size. Taking long walks, doing physical activity and calming your nerves can soothe you and shake you out of forgetfulness.

Now that you know how dangerous stress is for you, you would certainly wish to keep away from it. Leading a healthy lifestyle free from excesses and over indulgence can surely keep you healthier and make you less prone to the vicious circle of stress. Remember the Kamagra saying about a healthy mind residing in a healthy body? You can make it come true by listening to the needs of your body as well as the danger signals it sends out!

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