The Bests Ways to Get AdSense Traffic

The holy grail of all AdSense entrepreneurs is quality, continuous traffic. No matter how brilliant your website is, if no-one knows about, it isn’t worth much. At the other extreme you could have an extremely poor site but get a reasonable flow of visitors passing through it… this site is worth much more in real terms.

There are a number of ways to get traffic flowing through your site. The quickest way to do this is by paying for it by using PPC advertising such as MSN adcenter, Google AdWords or Yahoo’s Sponsored Search. Depending on your budget you could have a respectable number of people going through your site in no time at all but… at your expense. Though effective, more than 65% of people don’t click on sponsored links. It seems that the results generated from search engine queries are more trusted by visitors and are generally more preferred to the paid ads that appear on the same page.

The best way to get AdSense traffic to your site is by getting them for free. Organically driven traffic (those coming from genuine search engine queries) are the best type of traffic but are notoriously the most difficult to get. There are so many advantages to search engine acquired traffic compared to those of the paid variety. But by far the most significant advantage from an AdSense perspective, is that visitors who used keywords to find a website are already primed for its content and so are already primed for that all important click.

So how do you get some AdSense traffic to your site?

Hopefully, you’ve already laid the foundations for success by doing some keyword research and optimized your site for the search engines by the subtle inclusion of your chosen keywords. The technical term for building search engine traffic is called off-page optimization. It is often a long arduous process and it isn’t for the type of AdSense newbie that is looking for the quick buck. Patience and persistence is the order of the day when it comes to generating search engine based AdSense traffic.

The purpose of off-page optimization is the acquisition of high quality, relevant, key-word rich links to your site. These links are what the search engines ‘feed’ on. More than anything else it is what they value the most, especially Google which has 75% of the market share of searches in Europe and North America. If you don’t know how to ‘feed’ the search engines, they will simply ignore you. The best way to conduct a campaign is first to plan your mode of attack. Use a notebook and record every measure you take.

In an off-page optimization campaign all possible means of acquiring links to your site has to be utilized for ultimate success (which is a no.1 position for your general keyword). But it is often best to focus on the areas that you feel most comfortable with to start you off. If you feel most comfortable in forums, join a few, and give out some good positive advice. But remember not to overdo any technique that you decide to focus on, you can get penalized by the search engines if you over exhaust a particular means of generating links (it can be seen as spamming).

So how do you build incoming links to an AdSense website? There are a number of ways to build links; some are more difficult and expensive than others. But the general rule is that the more difficult and expensive it is, the better it is for your campaign (though there are some exceptions). Here’s list of the most popular methods:

Buying links – Not advisable but commonly practiced and can be productive.

Link exchange sites – Simple to use but difficult to get quality links.

Directory Submission – Quality links can be expensive but worth the investment if you have the cash.

Articles submission – One of the best ways to generate AdSense traffic but can be time consuming and slow.

Blogs – Online journals are very respected by search engines because they are often kept up to date. They can be a lot of work but are well worth the sacrifice.

Tagging- Social book marking sites are very popular nowadays. Can be a great way to get your site noticed if you can get people to tag your content or article.

YouTube – Release a tutorial in YouTube and search engines will reward you kindly for your efforts. Can be difficult to do but again well worth the effort.

These are some of the most popular ways of acquiring incoming links and getting AdSense traffic to your website. This list is by no means exhaustive as there are more subtle ways to get links that are available if you are prepared to dig deeper and work harder.

The list contains different ways of getting your website noticed. In other words acquiring incoming links is in many ways synonymous with promoting your site. Therefore generating AdSense traffic is a continuous process where you are constantly promoting and Viagra Jelly marketing your site. It isn’t just a matter of ticking the boxes after each method on the list is complete. To ensure AdSense success you need to continuously promote your site to keep it at the top.

But all the work is worth the potential pay-off. Through constant and persistent work towards promoting your site you could drive hundreds if not thousands of already primed visitors to your website; free traffic that could help you generate substantial amounts of AdSense cash.

Author Bio: Victor Awo is a student studying Information Technology. He has been looking into the technological and social changes taking place on the internet for the last ten years. For more information go to: AdSense Traffic

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