Treating Excessive Facial Perspiration

In medical terminology hyperhidrosis refers to excessive sweating and as such, excessive sweating on face is called facial hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis causes unpleasant odor and could affect one’s social life. Facial hyperhidrosis may include scalp and occurs even without any physical activity or exertion. It’s quite an irritating and frustrating experience that needs treatment, but is usually genetic dilemma that can strike either sex.

The main symptoms of this disorder are inordinate sweating of palms, soles, face and underarm region. It’s difficult to pinpoint the cause of this dilemma, but in most of the cases is believed to be connected to nervous system. Yet, some other known reasons that could cause this disorder are: nature of foods taken, menopause, anxiety, underlying health conditions and at times even medicines.

Excessive sweating of face is a state of health caused by a hyperactive nervous system over which we have no control because the working of nerves connected to the nervous system depends on psychological and emotional conditions and they get most active when we make contact with others during public meetings or gatherings.

Surgical treatment for this remedy is called ETS or Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathicotomy. The adopted surgical procedure restricts the nervous system from being hyper active. In most cases it delivers satisfactory results, but in very rare cases complications do come to notice. Though originally intended for palm sweating, the treatment has delivered successful results for facial sweating too.

Severing of nerve ends leading to sweat glands considerably reduces the volume of sweat. The technique is effectively applied to underarm areas but should be resorted to in extreme cases when other remedial measures fail to give positive results.

As far as treating facial hyperhidrosis goes, the best course of action can be suggested by your doctor who is aware of the latest techniques and treatments.

Before opting for any treatment it is very important to understand how it might affect you and its likely side effects, as it concerns your face, the most important part of your personality. You can’t overlook the fact that despite the embarrassment associated with heavy sweating, it’s is essentially a natural process that is definitely required to regulate body temperature.

There are quite a few non-surgical measures for having control on facial hyperhidrosis. These treatments usually prove as effective as any other, especially in the not-so-severe cases. Here are some of these:

Many people have reported benefits of using potent antiperspirants. Some of these that are available over the counter are: Drysol, Clear Gel, Whit Wetless Solution and Clearasil among others. Using gels with aluminum chloride as base helps in case of facial hyperhidrosis. Some of the prescribed drugs include Propanolol SR, Xanax, and Probanthine. However, these drugs should only be used on being prescribed by your doctor. Botox injections are also recommended prescription cialis generic by some experts. Apart from being expensive, this treatment gives temporary relief lasting not beyond eight months.

Nevertheless, there are ways to get rid of facial hyperhidrosis, as long as you are being patient and willing to try available natural methods, and those recommended by the doctors. That is the best course for taking care of this malady.

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