Writing a Term Paper With Mind Mapping

Term paper writing using mind mapping to outline makes the process of term paper writing manageable for the writer and the chapters easy to read, compelling and consistent for readers.

If you want to learn how to write a term paper outline, mind mapping is better than linear outlining in a number of ways, giving the author the privilege of using free thinking and relativity in writing their term paper. The author can easily add or subtract a thought or phrase from a mind map, and saves him from a hassle which he might confront using a linear outline. This is an excellent way to start, organize and finish a term paper.

What is mind mapping?

Mind mapping is a color-coded outline of main ideas, sub topics and details, printed on different colored branches connected to the center. In the center you will write your main idea such as the title of term paper or chapter. Different colors are to be used for every subtitle or chapter.

For the “One Minute Sale’s Person”, Spencer’s mind map would have had seven different colored branches emerging from the center, the details for which can be put on several horizontal branches, for each of the vertical lines, which would be much easier to read.

What are the advantages of mind mapping?

First, this is approach is open-ended and open minded. It saves the author from the trouble of squeezing new “ahas!” or ideas into the strict and tight form of linear outline, which can mean adjusting all the subtitles within for say a particular chapter. With this approach you can afford making mistakes, as these imperfections lead you to creativity and perfection too. When you get an idea for chapter one, you can just add another branch off the main one. Mind mapping expands flexible thinking, making way for better writing.

Second, mind maps use only three to five concrete or color words on a branch. These words are indicative of the idea we want to present, which helps us jog our memory by trying to recall what details we intended to include pertaining to a particular word. As an illustration of this concept under Chapter One “Attracting Passion,” I added several horizontal lines that represented the format that follows. One line had “opening quote,” the next one “introduction,” the next one “Jerry’s Story,” the next “Food for Thought and Action,” the next, “Passion Hot Line,” the last line, “practice.”

Thirdly, mind maps speed up your writing because you only write key phrases, that are fairly comprehensive but brief. When you sit down in front of your computer, ready to write the term paper, a look at the phrases on the mind maps is all you will need and the ideas or answers will flow naturally. If you need to fatten up your chapter you go and consult your chapter file folder where you keep your research.

Fourth, in mind maps you see the whole related to the parts, or in other words nothing seems as if it out of place or it has been squeezed in a chapter unnecessarily. Your thesis, chapter titles, and chapter contents all flow because you answered each question your readers had. speedy technique helps me to write at least two or three term papers each year, and makes each term paper more organized, more focused and clear, easier to read, and finally brings more sales because people can understand the information quickly and easily. It makes the process of writing and reading the term paper manageable for me as an author and for, respectively.

How do I create my mind map?

Use a large sheet of paper, at least 8 1/2 by 11 inches, but I recommend a large square of butcher paper or poster board, so you can spread out as and when you need to and enjoy the process! You should also have six to seven colored felt tip pens ready in primary and bright colors; they should all be different colors.

Encircle the title of the term paper in the center. Arrange the chapters’ headings on different colored vertical lines around the circle, these can be in any order (you can number them later). Kamagra Gold If you can not think of a title at this point, use a few key words. Use only one color per branch, off the main vertical branch draw five or so horizontal lines for chapter subtitles or parts.

Even though later you may change your mind about the contents, this initial mind map gives you the overall picture of what your term paper is and what it will share with its readers. It will give you an idea whether this out lay is enough and thorough or is there more that needs to be added. I made several mind maps for my Passion term paper, before I settled for the final one, ensuring to include best information.

Practice: Create your term paper’s mind map on a separate piece of paper.
Practice: Create each chapter’s mind map on a separate of papers now.

Wow! You are up to speed. You have your thesis–what challenge your term paper will answer, your chapter working headings, your rough draft evolving with a Table of Contents, and you have questions to answer in each chapter. this includes pretty much everything you want to include in your term paper .

Mind mapping is an excellent, practical and convenient way to start, organize, and finish your term paper.

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