A Cheap Website Plus Really Cheap SEO Yields Really Quick ROI

A Cheap Website plus Cheap Search Engine Optimization or Cheap SEO, if you will, is a business decision whose time has come. Suppose you could build a really cheap website or cheaply update your out of date site. Now suppose you could then get really cheap SEO in exchange for about the amount of income you would make off of just a few of your web sales, would that be a good deal for your business?

Certainly for many people, paying a small enough price for a cheap website and then adding some effective, cheap SEO, or at least fairly inexpensive SEO, might be a very significant boost to their business and if this work might indeed be paid back by the income from just a few web sales, presumably this could create new income from all new web sales thereafter, and it would offer quick initial ROI, also.

Further, if cheap SEO put your website at the top of Google or Yahoo, would you possibly make a lot more sales instead of just a few more sales? Of course, you know you could. So you simply need to keep your Cheap website and cheap SEO costs small enough that your ROI is very quick and the decision to go for a new website and inexpensive SEO would be a complete “no brainer,” right? Well…except for one thing…

For literally millions of businesses that have spent significant time and more than a little bit of their hard earned money to build a website, where currently, there is no traffic to the site, other than people they actually send there themselves, the opportunity for a cheap website has already come and gone. Usually this situation exists not because they planned it that way, there is no traffic simply because no one can find their site because they either didn’t know they needed inexpensive SEO or they didn’t know there was such a thing as SEO at all or perhaps, they never could find anything close to inexpensive SEO, let alone cheap SEO. Then, when they did learn they needed inexpensive SEO, all they could find was very expensive SEO.

“Build it and they will come,” may indeed work for the first few websites that get built in any certain Internet category. They even get to select the very best, most descriptive domain names available in their category as the first businesses there. So, what about the hundreds of businesses that come later? That is where cheap SEO comes in, if indeed you can find it. New businesses that wish to compete for positions on the search engines need expert, cheap SEO in order to get found. So where does one lucky enough to build a cheap website find Cheap SEO?

We can tell you that you may need to have some patience in order to find a company who will effectively work on SEO for your website for cheap. If fact, at first you may think there is no inexpensive SEO whatsoever, much less cheap SEO! You see SEO is most often very expensive! The reason being, is that when you type search engine optimization into the Google search bar, you get 3,000,000 search engine optimization companies trying to lure you to their site by offering aggressive, effective, amazing or another adjective kind of SEO, that is anything but cheap. So for cheap SEO you have to just be persistent. You may have to turn a few pages on Google or Yahoo to find it but it is an idea whose time has come.

Author Bio: Gene Schwerman is founder and head marketing consultant for Truly Unique Website Design. Truly Unique offers cheap website design and cheap SEO services.

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