A Dragon Figurine Diorama Based on Imagination

When you sit down with the intention of crafting a diorama, the sky is the limit and if you can dream it up, you can create it. To begin, look no farther than fantasy sculptures for characters to fill your space and give you hours of fulfilling imaginative endeavors.

No matter what you have in mind for your diorama, there are fantasy figurines depicting practically any scene you can imagine. The quality and detail of the statues help take the quality and enjoyment of the diorama to a greater level. Popular brands like Schleich and Safari LTD statues have a variety of fairytale characters including knights, elves, fairies, and dragon collectibles.

With such a wide diversity of figurines to choose from, the best place to start is with the concept for your diorama. And there is no shortage of concepts to choose from. Will it be an action scene such as a knight fiercely fighting and locked in combat with a dragon to save a damsel in distress? Could it be elves fighting a mystical beast; or a perchance an ethereal landscape where elves perfect their speechcraft while wandering through the woods, living peacefully with otherkin?

I have seen all sorts of dioramas, remember anything is possible, so take a minute to consider what you want to do.

The setting of your fairytale landscape will also be dependent upon the section of the box you will be using. Will everything fit neatly in the bounds of a shoe box, two shoe boxes, or even a custom made 12 x 12 cube? Think about the orientation of the scene as well–horizontal or parallel. If you’ll be depicting flying dragons for example, a vertical format would work best to give you the height a dragon needs to fly. Whereas, if you want to depict a ground battle with a sorcerer wielding his staff against a draconian terror, a horizontal setting may work better.

Remember that no matter how cool the collectibles are, you still need to create a scenery to set the scene and construction paper is ideal for this. Use the paper and other materials to produce surrounding features like trees, castles, and bushes to really tell the story. Color contrast is an often overlooked and very important facet of your diorama: remember using the same color too often can hinder the appropriate contrast needed to make your main factor pop off the set, and is just boring with a capital B!

The initial step you need to do is make the background sky and ground before you even begin to set your statues. Simply put together your different parts as thought out in your storyboard, insert a couple of dragon figurines, and add any final touches!

That is how easy it can be to construct a memorable and stunning fantasy diorama that will please and inspire you for years to come. If you ever want to switch out your pieces into a new backdrop, be sure to use non permanent adhesive so they can easily be transferred.

Author Bio: Jeff Bronson is the owner of Obscuria.com, a darkly unique Gothic shop. Obscuria offers a quality selection of dragon figurines and dragon collectibles, and many custom made, exclusive in the U.S items.

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