Barking Dogs, Let’s See Why and How to Stop Them

The success of getting your dog to stop barking, may not be the time it takes to do it. There will not be an overnight solution to a problem that has existed for awhile. If he has been barking regularly for sometime, you will have to work to stop the barking for some time.

You want your dog to be quiet. Don’t raise your voice at the dog, or you will sound as though you are barking back. All of your sessions should be positive. Everyone in your household must do the same thing when there is inappropriate barking. If you don’t encourage team work. The barking won’t stop. They just may not do it while you are there.

Dealing with different barking requires different steps to the training. If your dog is barking at everyone who passes by your home, you may need to remove the motivation. It is up to you to decide why he is getting pleasure out of this it is up to you to determine what pleasure he is getting. If he barks when he is outside in the yard, bring him into the house. If he barks in your home, close your curtain or put the dog in another room.

If you ignore your dogs barking when he is confined, it just may stop. Don’t pet or acknowledge him until he gets quiet. Try not to look at him. If he pauses for even a moment, give him a treat. He is being rewarded for being quiet. It is important to ignore that barking all of the time. If he continues for 15 minutes and you yell at him, he’ll bark for a longer period next time. He’ll know exactly how to get your attention.

If you dog does not like being alone in a room or in his crate, ignore him. He may just be barking to be with you. By allowing him access, you are encouraging the behavior. When he finds out that treats are a reward for quiet, he’s more likely to associate quiet with a treat. Start small and increase the time.

If your dog is barking due to phobias or fears, your job is to get him used to whatever it is that is causing the behavior. For example: if you dog barks at a certain think in your yard, remove it from his site. Gradually move it a little closer and have treats ready. It must initially be moved out of site and gradually brought back. If the item goes out of site, stop giving treats. Maybe it’s a truck going by or a red car. First identify the source of the stimulation and then work at ending the activity.

Barking at other dogs can also be stopped with proper socialization. Have someone stand out of sight so your dog doesn’t bark at it. Gradually approach the dog and feed treats until he barks. Then stop and start over. It’s all a gradual process but one that is worth the effort when properly done. You will have a dog who is willing to learn. One that will go to his crate or another room if you say “quiet”. It’s in your hands.

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