Best Proteins For Fat and Weight Loss

Low Fat Cottage Cheese

Low fat cottage cheese is a great and inexpensive protein sources for maintaining your muscle because it is a slow releasing casein protein. A 500 ml container contains 60 grams of quality protein and is also very affordable and portable. Some self proclaimed fat loss gurus out there say that you should be avoiding low fat cottage cheese if you want to lose a lot of fat and get very lean because of the sugars found in dairy. However, lactose which is the sugar found in dairy products also converts slowly, so it will not lead to a rapid raise in blood sugar levels. Also cottage cheese is high in calcium and today many scientific studies are confirming that increased dietary calcium consumption helps to reduced body fat stores, which we will talk about later.

Low Fat Milk (Skin or 1%)

Milk is an excellent source of calcium which helps to build healthy bones and teeth, and helps maintain basic functions of the body. Milk also gives you a healthy dose of protein, vitamins A and D, riboflavin, and phosphorus. Some self proclaimed fat loss gurus out there say that you should be avoiding milk if you want to get very lean because of the sugars found in milk. However, lactose which is the sugar found in milk also converts slowly, so it will not lead to a rapid raise in blood sugar levels. Also don’t forget that a number of different scientific studies are now stating that increased dietary calcium may reduce body fat stores. The only major problem that I have with milk is that it can make some individuals very bloated. So with milk you need to really play around with it and see how your body handles it.

If you smoke then you definitely will be interested in this. Researchers at Johns Hopkins discovered that smokers who drink milk are significantly less likely to develop chronic bronchitis compared to smokers that don’t drink milk. The researchers said that something in milk protects the cells in the lungs from damage by cigarette tar.

Whey Protein Powder

Whey protein powder is a fantastic way to supplement your meals and snacks. It is also a great way for creating fast meals that are also nutritious and good at burning body fat. For instance a smoothie with some fruit, low fat milk, and whey protein make a wonderful meal. Whey protein powder is a very high quality protein that is rich in essential amino acids that increase lean muscle mass and burn body fat. Whey protein powder has the highest amount of protein for the fewest number of calories, which is why it should be one of the foods at the top of your grocery list if you have lots of body fat to lose and want to get really lean.

Whey protein powder is not only an excellent source of protein to have after your workout because it is absorbed by muscles at a very fast speed, but having some whey protein powder before a workout can also have great benefits. A University of Texas study found that lifters who would drink a shake containing amino acids and carbohydrates before working out increased their ability to build muscle more than lifters who drank the same shake after exercising. Exercise increases blood flow to the tissue, so the theory is that having whey protein powder in your system during exercise may lead to greater intake of amino acids, which are the building blocks of your muscles.

Chicken Breast

Chicken breast is a wonderful food choice for people looking to get very lean. When eating chicken remember to remove the skin and go for the really lean white meat. If you want to get lean you should avoid fried chicken and consume it baked, steamed, broiled or grilled. Cooked chicken is also excellent but just be carful since some cold cuts can be very high in sodium and preservatives.

Author Bio: Bogumil Gizewski is a renowned fitness expert and the founder of Lose Fat 1 and he is also the creator of popular fitness programs such as Fat Burner IQ fat burning program and Abs IQ workout program.

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