Best Weight Loss Supplements

With hundreds of natural weight-loss supplements lining the shelves of health food stores and pharmacies, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. As you survey the throng of pills and potions, you might begin to wonder: Which one should I buy?

The first step is to give some thought to your personal weight-loss situation. Analyze your goals: Do you need to curb your appetite, tweak your metabolism, gain more energy, or distress your life to counter emotional overeating?

Next, look through the following profiles. See where you fit in, and what the supplement recommendations are. Once you’ve identified your niche, follow the guidelines, and you’ll be well on your way to a shapelier body.
Many natural weight-loss supplements can be used concurrently, but be careful about taking a handful of different products at the same time. It’s unclear how well some combinations work. They may enhance the effects of each other; they may not.

It’s better to try one supplement or product at a time. Give it several weeks before deciding whether it’s helping you lose weight. If you stop seeing results from one that works, “cycle” it; that is, go on and off the supplement. Take it for a couple weeks, discontinue it, and then resume supplementation. Remember, too, that what works for someone else may not work as well for you. Each of us is quite different, not only in the way we look and act but also in how our bodies respond to different nutrients.

Natural fat-fighters such as pyruvate, carnitine, chromium, lipotropics, and possibly CLA are your best bets. Pyruvate is sometimes formulated with chromium, so there is probably no problem taking these two together. Likewise, chromium is often found in lipotropic and carnitine supplements. To avoid mega dosing on chromium, it’s best not to take a chromium-containing pyruvate supplement and a chromium-containing lipotropic at the same time.

Supplements containing fat-binding fibers, such as chitosan, should not be combined with other natural weight-loss supplements, since fibers may usher other nutrients from the body. Some studies suggest that excessive fiber in the diet decreases the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc, and other minerals. That’s why it’s advisable to take your fiber supplements alone; they should not be taken at the same time you take your multivitamin/ mineral supplement.

You’re an Overeater, with an Out-of-Control Appetite

If you’re ravenous a good deal of the time and overindulging is your downfall, then natural appetite suppressants should be your first line of defense. Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) has a good track record, so you may want to try it first. 5-HTP has a little less research behind it, but shows promise. You may want to check out an amino acid combination supplement such as PhenCal, since it has been tested by its manufacturer with good results. But don’t take HCA, 5-HTP, and an amino acid combo all at the same time. Try one at a time, to avoid any unexpected side effects.

HCA and pyruvate supplements can be taken concurrently to fight fat and your appetite at the same time. But if you experience any unusual reaction, discontinue one or the other, or both.

You’re an Exerciser who Wants to vitalize, Energize and Burn more Fat

An excellent supplement in your case is MCT oil. Because MCT oil is a food fat, it can be used in conjunction with other natural weight-loss supplements. No restrictions apply (unless you have a medical condition that would preclude its use). The beauty of MCT oil is that you can use the low-carbohydrate strategy (a proven dietary fat-burner) by replacing some of your carbs with the oil, and not feel the corresponding dip in energy levels.

Is your goal to build fat-burning muscle? With the help of a nutritious diet and a strength-training program, creatine supplementation is a must. Creatine is generally compatible with other nutritional supplements.

Pyruvate is an excellent choice; too, since it increases the glycogen in your muscles, builds endurance, and encourages the body to burn fat before carbohydrates. It appears that pyruvate can be taken safely with most sports and weight-loss products, including MCT oil and creatine.

You may also want to try a product containing ciwujia, which may encourage greater fat usage during exercise. No information on its compatibility or interaction with creatine or other supplements exists. Until more is known, it is probably advisable to take ciwujia by itself.

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