Cheap Web Design – Warning! Don’t Use a Graphic Designer

Have you wasted the past few hours browsing the net for a professional and cheap web design company only to become more confused now than when you started? Getting the best advice for a site can be very annoying, unfortunately this is one of the most important business decisions you will ever make so it is vital that you get it right.Why because the internet is the best and easiest way to get new customers to your business, if you set up your website correctly. Sit back and let me show you how you can create or find a custom and low cost web design that is perfect for your company

Whats the biggest problem with the majority of websites?

No one can ever find them! 95% of website are created by graphic designers who know little to nothing about search engines and how to drive traffic. The internet gave graphic designers an easy way to make a quick dollar.. Suddenly every company needed a website so that learnt how to create good looking websites that the companies thought looked professional. The main problem is that if you want people to visit your website it needs to be made in a particular way otherwise it will literally be an online business card that people can only find if they type in your exact business name or url.

What would it be like if you could have a website that brought in thousands of fresh customers every single week. We are speaking about very relevant traffic that are searching the web for information that is directly related to your company.

Let’s pretend you run a Hairdressing Salon in Eltham (a suburb in eastern Melbourne). Imagine if when somebody typed ‘Plumbers Eltham’ into Google if their website was to come up on the front page of Google. What type of effect do you think that would have on their company? Think about your own business for a second what type of search terms would you want your website to show up for in Google? Are you starting to see the results that are possible here?

The most amazing thing about the internet is that literally 95% of businesses haven’t set their sites up correctly!

The web is still very young and amazingly the majority of people and businesses simply don’t know what they are missing out on. You haven’t missed the boat if you haven’t got a functioning website yet, just make sure you do something about it asap.

Whats the trick to get your site to rank in Google?
When somebody types a phrase into Google they go and search through all of the sites online and ask each and every one of them over 200 questions. The 10 sites that answer these questions the best are rewarded with a listing on the front page of results..

So the secret to getting your site to rank well is to know what questions Google are asking and most importantly know how to answer them so you are rewarded- Piece of cake! So if you have a business and are looking for a custom web design concept or a professional and affordable web design make sure you ask them designer if they know anything about getting it to rank on Google. Test them out with a things you learnt from this article and see if they really know that they are doing if not I would probably steer clear and find a team that has graphic designers as well and ranking experts. Best of luck building the perfect website for your business and I wish you all the best trying to handle all the new customers you are about to get.

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