Exercise Your Dog and Yourself

Dogs, like people, need exercise everyday to stay in good health. The level and amount of exercise required for dogs will be different, based on breed and health, but every dog needs to get some exercise. Not only is exercise great for your pet, it is also a way for you to incorporate more exercise into your daily life. This is important, especially if you rarely have time to exercise.

If your dog is a breed that requires greater physical activity, like a Lab or Setter, you will need to walk them more often, and for greater durations. If you have a large yard that your dog is allowed to run free in, they may not require as much exercise as a dog that lives in an apartment, or one that is tied up much of the day.

Since staying at home is not only boring for you, but your dog as well, it is a good idea to find places to walk your dog that are diverse. If there is a dog park close to where you live, consider taking your dog there when possible, and they will get the stimulation and exercise they need. Not only that, but you will also benefit from the walks with your dog.
Another good way to allow your dog to receive the exercise they need is through playing games with your dog, like catch. Most dogs adore chasing and catching balls and Frisbees, and you would be surprised at the amount of exercise you will get at the same time. Dogs also love exploring the woods, and taking walks on the beach. There is virtually no end to the things that you can do with your dog to get more exercise.

Keep in mind that not all dogs will be able to exercise the same amount. Dogs that have health problems, or are pregnant will need to be monitored to make sure that they are not overworking themselves. If your dog appears to be tired, or has problems breathing when exercising, you should give your dog the time he needs to rest and recover. Do not forget that your dog will need water when exercising, and even more so when the weather is hot. Avoid exercising your dog when it is very hot, wait until later in the day, or set out early in the morning before the sun starts to bake the world. You and your dog will be better for it.

Taking your dog to places where they can see other dogs is great for social interaction that dogs need. Dogs that are not interacted with properly can develop behavioral and other problems, so take them to places where there are other dogs whenever it is possible. This will keep your dog from being bored, and allow you time to talk with others as well. Be sure to follow all rules and regulations that may be in effect at the dog park you choose, so that the both of you stay safe and have fun.

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