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Paintball, like in any sport, every aspect really affects your success out there on the field. From the skills and the equipment you are using, everything counts in order for you to succeed. Paintball is a sport that is not for everyone who is weary. Paint is a sport for the bold.If you are afraid even jump at the sound of a paintball marker discharging or projectiles at high speeds going towards you make you duck and take cover, then this sport is not the one for you. Effective and successful paintball players exhibit great athleticism because it takes a lot of coordination to handle your self during the game in the battlefield. Paintball games are mostly for those who seek thrilling and exciting games, thus making them a successful paintball player.

In paintball, there are two types of games: Scenario and Arena Style. In the Scenario games, players play on the woods which closely resembles a game of hunting or war. On the other hand, Arena games are fast paced games with predictable layouts with strategically placed bunkers in an enclosed small arena that is similar to a game of tag but with markers.

So how much does it cost to play paintball? Actually it depends on the area and varies differently to each other. I is probably best if you rented it first than buying such equipments without even trying to play the game.

The most common question a first time player is “does it hurt?” First of all, players should really be prepared. Be also prepared in sliding and sooting on your knees because of the bunkers that are used are not for the midgets that is why tall people is not an advantage unlike basketball in this sport. There should also be a protective equipments when playing paintball. These equipments include knee pads, elbow pads, shin guards, chest protector, bounce cap, protective cap and neck guard. In this game, paintball travels 285 meters per second so it would really hurt you anyway especially during a close range hit.

Paintball is a sport wherein it involves some pain. You would be able to feel the pain at first but it is there. You wouldn’t feel the pain because of the excitement and you are focused on playing the game. You would want to take a second look at where you were hit by the paintball and you will notice some bruises all over your body. The worst scenario in this game is that if you were surrounded and got shot all over your body. This kind of things actually happen to first time players or what you all newbies who only waits on the battlefield. This leads us to a new question, what are the common mistakes of a new player or newbies?

Most first timers really don’t understand the game very well. Newbies tend to not become aggressive in the field. Most of them try to hide in the bunkers and are scared to show there faces to anyone even his team mates.

Paintball is really fun but if you just sit around you are afraid of getting shot, you may want to play other sports than this one.

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