French Learning Sites – A Good Way to Learn French Quickly?

If you do a quick search you will find the internet is awash with French learning sites. You would think that was a good thing, right? Lots of free French lessons online, why not take advantage? Sometimes “free” can be worth every penny though – or to put it another way, virtually worthless. So are these sites really a good way to learn French quickly?

Let’s cut to the chase. With an online French class, as with anything else, there’s seldom any such thing as “un repas gratuit” – a free lunch. The site may not charge you directly but someone has to pay sometime. In the main they are either supported by small ads, or they are promoting a product or service which will pay them a commission.

So what? Is that a bad thing? We’ve all got to make a living, after all.

Unfortunately, if you have a look around you will find that a lot of so-called free online French lessons are nothing more than a platform for adverts. If you can be bothered to wade through them, and a procession of annoying pop-ups, you might find something worthwhile – but I wouldn’t “retenez votre souffle” – don’t hold your breath.

But – and it’s an important “but” – luckily not all French learning sites are like that. Some provide us with a valuable service, and manage to cover their costs with subtle promotion or advertising that doesn’t waste our time. If you can find those, then they can make beginning to learn French a very pleasant experience. It follows, then, that if you are enjoying yourself you will learn French more quickly.

So while you might have to spend a while finding quality French lessons online, it can certainly be worth the effort. After all, you’re not paying, so even learning a few useful French phrases will get you comfortable and give you confidence – which is very important. With a bit of luck you’ll learn useful and interesting things about French life and culture while you are at it.

Eventually you will probably find that online French learning sites can only provide so much. If you want to learn fluent French you will get to the point where you want a more comprehensive course. When you do, the free sites can still be of help. Some of them will be promoting French downloads, and you should be able to get some free sample lessons to help you decide which is best for you.

So are free online French lessons a good way to learn French quickly? If what you want to do is to give yourself a start and to explore the language, and if you have the patience to keep looking for the decent ones, then yes, there’s a lot of really useful information out there on the internet. If you’re in a position where you have to learn French fast – for example if it’s a work-related placement in France – you will probably want to invest in a French download straight away. It will cost you a few dollars but modern interactive French courses are the fastest and easiest way to really get to grips with your new language. They can be quite fun too!

Author Bio: Can I recommend a decent French learning site to help you learn quickly? Try this one: French Lessons Online. There are tips and ideas for speaking “real” French, plus pro lessons that you can get for nothing.

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