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Skate boards are incredibly popular nowadays and skateboarding is a sport in its own right. If you’re a skating rookie or simply interested in skate boards and looking to acquire your own, you’ll probably be interested in the information below.
Skate boards consist of several parts: deck, wheels, trucks, hardware and bearings, but there are also a few optional components: risers or wedges, grip tape, slip tape, rails or ribs, lapper, nose guard, tail guard and copers. Skate boards are being mass produced since the 80′ and their popularity is continuosly increasing at a fast pace. All kinds of people everywhere are getting skate boards, trying skateboarding for the first time and falling in love with it.

There are several tricks that can be done on skate boards, such as aerials, flips (based on the ollie), boardslides and grinds, lip tricks, manual tricks or pressure tricks. They’re all very exciting to watch and even more so to perform, but they’re difficult to master and require hours of practice. However, many skateboarding fans consider them to be the highlights of skating.

Longboards are skate boards with longer decks and larger wheels. You can’t do on a longboard many of the tricks you do on skate boards, mainly because they weigh more, but their main advantage is that they make it easier to gain momentum and are therefore more adequate for cruising and downhill or slalom racing. People often think of longboarding as the equivalent of surfing, but on paved surfaces instead of water.

Skateboarding is a wonderful source of enjoyment and exercise for teenagers and adults alike. Parents should allow and even encourage their kids to practice skateboarding as it makes for great exercise, helps them socialize and, who knows, some of them might even become professionals when they grow up and make money out of it.

In order to avoid potential injury, some safety measures are necessary while skateboarding (for amateurs and professionals alike). The special safety equipment consisting of helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads and gloves should be always worn by all skateboarders. This equipment is necessary to protect those parts of your body that are more likely to get injured in case of a fall. Skateboarding shoes are also recommended for a better and safer skateboarding experience.

Skate boards are simply amazing – there’s nothing quite like the feeling of excitement you get when you quickly fly away through the streets or alleys on your skateboard. And there’s nothing similar to the rush of adrenaline you get when performing one of those difficult skateboarding tricks before the amazed eyes of your friends or some casual passerby. Everyone should try skateboarding at least once in a lifetime. It’s an experience you really shouldn’t miss out on. It can also be an opportunity to meet new people and make friends; and, for children and teenagers, a great way to develop their social skills while doing a sporting activity – this is how amazing skate boards are.

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