How to Gain Male Confidence and Become a Successful Man?

Changing behavior is the single best trick to turning around your negative thinking that is diminishing your male confidence.

If you have low confidence, there is often very little you can do to change your thinking about the matter, but you can change your behavior, and then your thinking will follow.

If you try to make yourself not nervous, for example, by commanding yourself not to be nervous, then you will end up making yourself more nervous. The only trick is to breathe deeply, slow the pace, and relax the muscles because that will end up increasing your confidence better than any mental measure. People are often powerless over their minds but not their bodies. This is especially important when you’re approaching a girl or going to a party where a lot of girls will be.

Make your body more relaxed, and your mind will be naturally more relaxed.

If you have little confidence because of a big task in front of you that seems insurmountable, then the best way to conquer it is to break it up into smaller tasks that seem manageable. If you gain mastery over small elements of a larger task, then you will be able to tackle the whole thing all at once. This applies to getting a girl in the following way.

If you see a blonde bombshell that you think you will never have as your girlfriend, then the best way to start out is to walk up to her and strike up a conversation about something in the room, something in the surrounding situation, or something you notice she is doing.

Picture the conversation as being irrelevant to acquiring her, and that is the first step. If the conversation goes surprisingly well, then exchange phone numbers. Text her a few days later to see if she wants to out to eat and increase the amount of conversation. By proceeding in a logical progression, you can build confidence at each step of the way instead of getting rejected right at first by trying to jump to the top all at once.

Another tip for male confidence that will seem that you exude it is to look a girl in the eye instead of averting your eyes when you talk to her. No one likes to be talked to when the other person’s eyes are averted to something else. That is downright rude and stifling to the conversation.

Another thing you can do is slow down the pace of the conversation to put you more in control of where the conversation is going. This shows the girl that you’re in control and have some male confidence because of your mastery of the language aspect of a relationship.

Controlling the conversation can be a first step to letting a girl know that you really care about the situation and that she is valued because you are investing time and effort into ensuring a dedicated conversation. This shows a sense of control that is like confidence.

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