Learning About the Tattoo Culture

The name Thomas Edison is not often associated with tattoos, even though he was the original inventor of the tattoo machine. Yes, that’s right, Thomas Edison was the grandfather of the tattoo equipment (among other things). He originally meant to create an engraving machine, but another scientist named Samuel O’Reilly made modifications to invention, and thus the tattoo machine came to life.

There are two needles to the tattoo machine, both of which are sharp enough to pierce through the skin. The first is used to mark an ink outline of the tattoo design. The second is used to fill in the colours. Both needles have a small opening on the bottom base, which allows the tattoo ink to flow from the machine onto the individual’s body.

The process of getting a tattoo is less painful than one may imagine. In the olden days and a few selected cultures today, tattoos are applied through physically hammering the tattoo needles until the ink remains on the skin. Nowadays, the needles in the tattoo machine are designed to reduce the damage impact. The user will still feel some pain, but in moderate and reasonable amounts.

All equipment must be sterilized thoroughly to avoid any possible skin infection, though people have different sensitivity levels and responses to tattoo needles. Health and safety is a main concern when you are getting a tattoo. It is highly recommended that only professional tattoo artists handle these equipment. Not only will they keep the supplies disinfected, but they also have the experience to apply the tattoo carefully and efficiently.

You should put a lot of thought into the tattoo design and placement. Barring the expensive and often inefficient tattoo removal surgery, these body marks are meant to last forever. While it might seem like a fun idea during spring break to get a tattoo of your boyfriend’s name across the stomach, you may regret such an impulsive action in the future. The visibility of the tattoo also plays a huge role in how others might perceive you. A hidden tattoo allows you to be adventurous yet remain professional at the same time.

More importantly, choosing the right tattoo parlour is paramount to your success. Not only should you consult services with the experienced tattoo artists, but checking the quality of the equipment should also be a top priority. All tattoo needles should be sterilized beforehand, or you may suffer the consequences of getting skin infection.

The tattoo machine operates with two needles. The first one involves tracing the outline of the tattoo. This is typically drawn in black or any other colour as the user desires. The second needle is used for the actual colouring process, as in filling out the colours within the outlines. The needles are designed so that the bottom base is wider.

The tattoo machine had a positive impact on today’s society, allowing the tattooing process to be so much more accessible to the general public. We too should express ourselves creatively through body art.

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