Making a Weekend Car Rental How to Do it and Get the Best Deal

Car rental companies normally produce their best rate or their lowest car rental rates on the weekends. This is because during the week most of the cars are rented for traveling by business personnel. As a result, car rental companies lower their rates on a weekend to encourage an influx of renters on the weekend. This of course proves to be advantageous for persons who love to have those leisure weekends and need the use of a rental car to make their fun weekend a more rewarding one.

Weekend car rentals as the name suggest normally involves renting a car for the duration of the weekend. Companies differ on their policy as some companies stipulate that for a weekend car rental the car can either be picked up on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday. As a result it is beneficial for you to find out the policy of the company that you choose to rent from. This may result in you being able to pick up the car a day earlier, say on a Thursday without any extra charges. However, if you pick up the car on a day not thought to be a part of the car rental deal for the weekend, you will be charged extra for the day. Likewise, most car rental companies require that weekend car rentals be returned on the Monday, failure to do so may also result in extra charges.

Even though weekend car rental rates are normally the cheapest, they are also affected by the type of car being desired and, whether a holiday will be occurring on a particular weekend. Usually, it is cheaper to rent a car on the weekend. However vehicles like SUVs and minivans tend to be much more expensive on a weekend. As a result if it is not necessary for you to obtain a minivan or SUV for your trip, you are better off booking a small or large car. The occurrence of a holiday on a particular weekend can have a significant impact on the car rental rate for the weekend. You can however escape this by booking your desired vehicle well before the desired weekend.

Irrespective of the fact, that car rental rates on the weekend are pretty reasonable companies will still offer weekend deals and specials to help the movement of their rental fleet on a weekend. Therefore before booking you next car for the weekend be sure to shop around, and take advantage of the different specials available. However ensure that in signing up for a weekend special you meet the requirements to qualify for the discounted rates. These specials are sometimes specific to a particular location, for example an airport location, or off airport locations or in a particular state. Also certain weekend specials may be specific to a certain make or makes of particular vehicles so do ensure that the vehicle you desire is included in the restriction.

Often, the restrictions that apply to a normal in the week car rental also apply to a weekend car rental so ensure that you read the terms and conditions for renting the car or request that the restrictions be told to you if you are making your booking over the phone. This will help to prevent you from ignorantly attracting any unnecessary additional cost.

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