Pakistan’s Cotton Exports May Decline

In the near future, Pakistan’s cloth exports may decline because of Pakistan to cotton prices rose. 7-9 months of this year, Pakistan’s weaving factory because the cost of cotton increased by almost can not continue to operate.

This situation has now spread to Pakistan’s cotton textile manufacturing company. Pakistan’s main textile industry association even asked to hold a special general meeting next Saturday, which is to consider the rise in cotton prices caused by the serious industrial crisis. The rise in cotton prices will be eroding the capacity of the textile industry of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s textile factory, weaving factory, domestic apparel producers or foreign duty clothing and textiles in Pakistan consumers will pay the price of cotton increased by the rise in cost.

Karachi Cotton Association, according to the calculation, as of October 14, in two weeks, Pakistani cotton prices from Rs 2,500 / Meng increased to Rs 3322 / Meng, an increase of 33%. Recently, the Karachi cotton prices dropped slightly to 3050 Rs / Meng.

Cotton prices increased due to panic buying of cotton processing plant caused. The recent increase in U.S. cotton futures prices can also explain the reasons for the increase in cotton prices in Pakistan.

Limit the Rise in Cotton Prices

Although in the next few days, Pakistan’s cotton prices may be stabilizing, but not down to early September levels.

According to the latest variety of reports in recent weeks, Pakistani cotton yarn prices rose by only 8% -10%, far lower than the rate of increase in cotton prices.

Cotton weaving mill part of the inherited burden of the recent rise in cotton prices, and now they are poised to shift the burden to their consumers, because they did so over the past few months.

Recent statistics show that in this year’s 7-9 month, Pakistan’s cotton exports rose 136% to 366 million U.S. dollars. 7-8 months of this year, Pakistan’s cotton exports in volume terms fell by 7%, but in value terms increased by 6.41% year on year, reaching 233 million U.S. dollars. Average unit price of the month from 7-8 last year rose to 64 cents to 73 cents this year. From 2001-02, the export price rose 59 cents to 66 cents in 2002-03, an increase of 12%.

Exports to the United States and Hong Kong Down

Pakistan, the United States and Hong Kong are the two largest export market for cotton. Pakistan to the United States and the Hong Kong market is now in decline in the export process. July, Pakistan’s cotton exports to the United States declined in value terms by 15%, while exports to Hong Kong decreased by 17%. Turkey’s exports rose to 68%, which can be in Turkey this year’s surge in textile imports reflected. To Bangladesh and Sri Lanka also increased in cotton exports. To the EU member states increased in cotton exports.

Pakistan’s weaving factory in fact from January 1, 2002 entry into force of the European Union increased quota benefit, in exchange, Pakistan reduced the import duties.

Currently, the EU proposed to increase in 2003 and 2004 the level of textile imports from Pakistan, while Pakistan’s textile import tariffs range from 25% to 20%, including a specific finished cotton.

To 15 October, the EU imports from Pakistan reached 36,700 tons of gray cloth, increased in the same period last year.

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