Seedless Grape Breeding in China Have Developed New Technologies

Commitment from the Northwest University and chair of the National 948 Project “embryo rescue technology system and disease resistance of grape to establish new lines incubation” of research results, April 4 at the Ministry of Agriculture adopted by Shaanxi Yangling, Shaanxi Province Department of Agriculture and Technology Office of the Organization for acceptance and verification.

As we all know, China is an important grape is the origin of plants, with rich resources, the resistance of wild grapes, but our grape production has long there are single species, the fruit of economic traits and disease resistance difference, product lack of competitiveness on the international market. The seedless grape embryo rescue technology is in the world today for a seedless grape breeding fast and efficient modern biotechnology. Therefore, to accelerate our process of seedless grape cultivar selection, accelerate the pace of upgrading our grape varieties, grape varieties to make up for lack of a superior status, in particular the use of embryo rescue technique in our own breeding new varieties of seedless grapes, has become priority.

Attention in support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Northwest A & F University PhD supervisor Professor Wang Yuejin research discussion group, led since 1999 by the American grape embryo rescue technology introduction, digestion, absorption, launched the “non nuclear species seedless varieties, “” non nuclear species nuclear species “,” nuclear free varieties of self, “a total of 11 crosses Embryo Rescue work continued to explore through embryo rescue obtained 515 seedlings, seedling rate was 42.1 % leading domestic level and close to international advanced level. Chinese wild grapes as their male parent, and the European seedless grape varieties hybridization, embryo rescue of seedless grapes for disease resistance breeding, obtained 25 hybrid combinations of embryo rescue 468 seedlings, seedling rate was 48.3%, than the current international grape embryo rescue seeding rate (45%) higher than 3.25%, the highest international level.

Project Team for the climate in Northwest China characteristics and grape berries in ovule development in the environment, the United States grape embryo rescue medium is improved, created which has the independent intellectual property, suitable for “non nuclear Chinese wild species Grape “hybrid embryo rescue the liquid medium for the international initiative, created to take advantage of the wild grape breeding for disease resistance in new areas. Project task force under the reality of our country, and selected line of seedless grape embryo rescue the female parent, the project implementation through the invention of grape seedless gene molecule resistance gene probes and molecular markers, and “non nuclear variety Chinese wild grapes” embryo assisted selection to save the seedlings in seedling stage, the technology under field conditions than the identification of seedlings from embryo rescue to save at least 3 years, therefore, greatly improving the efficiency of resistance breeding seedless grapes, to accelerate the breeding process.

In addition, the project team has also bred a large grain of China, seedless grape new line 00 3 1, the strains of fruit color is pink, disease resistant. Project implementation process, has received a national invention patent, a national invention patents, and in Shaanxi, Ningxia, Gansu and Xinjiang has established five seedless grape base, the introduction of improved varieties selected for promotion, training, technology staff 3000 people, for the fine grape varieties in large scale basis.

From domestic fruit and vegetable kingdom peer Northwest A & F University to complete the “embryo rescue technology system to establish and foster new lines of seedless grape disease resistance” gave a high evaluation of research, agreed that: embryo rescue aggregate breeding molecular markers on accelerating the process of our resistance breeding of seedless grapes important role in promoting. Research projects generally reached the international advanced level, in disease resistance breeding of seedless grape embryo rescue has groundbreaking.

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