Selling Used Motorcycle Parts Online

This process is a little frustrating and I just wanted to write something to discuss the different ways to get customers and also how to maintain them. I will also cover the things you must do to avoid charge backs and returns on parts. Remember shipping is expensive for refunded orders.

How do we get a new customer. Well the first thing I always do is research what items are hot right now. The way I do this is I go to EBay and start looking at current auctions. I usually type in the search bar something like r6 headlight. Now after I get some EBay results I look at the number of bids. Items that are hot will usually have a large number of bids. I than go to Craigslist and put in the same search. If people need a part they will always list it as wanted on Craigslist. Now I am off to the forums and see what people are talking about for parts needed or complaints about availability.

So now we will assume I have the part that is hot right now. I buy it or find it and get a price for it the price is not too important because I am just going to use it to get traffic to my site or email inbox. I list it on eBay and also in my eBay listing I put I have many other parts available please email me for what you need and I will add it on eBay, remember eBay has policies on how you word your listings so please read those before posting a new listing. I also in my eBay listing include a link to my site but to stay eBay compliant I create a page on my site or just that part. I put a photo of the part on that page and a link back to my eBay profile. I also include a link at the bottom of the page that says more parts click here which takes them to my actual website where I have all my parts for sale listed.

I now create my craigslist ad and of course put on there the high demand part for sale at best offer. I put a link to my email as well as to my site for the part. Now craigslist has over posting policies and I use a couple of unique ways to post in multiple cities but this article is not about that.

I now go to the top forums, they are easy to find Google motorcycle forum and they will pop up. I create profiles pay the dollar or whatever I need to pay to be able to post on the forum and duplicate the same thing as the craigslist post. On forums they love to complain about scammers for parts. So make sure you say the parts are sold via eBay and or PayPal and forumers will not start talking bad about you or your thread you created.

One last thing, refunds, charge backs and return shipping. Remember you want the quick sale but it even more important for you as the seller to ensure the buyer is getting and requesting the part they actually need. Make sure you send photos of the parts and also describe via email any condition issues with the parts. One guy’s perfect is another guy’s trash. Be fair but be careful keep all email correspondence in a folder for six months credit card charge backs have 6 months to occur. There is a lot of scamming buyers out there If not more that scamming sellers.

Author Bio: Lead Writer Carol Heath for Good Info and writing an article this time for GSXR Frame

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